Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Episcopalians for Castro!

I just read an article about relations between Episcopals and Cuba. Frank Tracy Griswold, who is the presiding primate of the Episcopalian Church, recently visited Cuba, and joined Fidel Castro in praising Cuba's health and educational systems.

At the end of this article, we read the following:

"The meeting took place under a cordial and respectful atmosphere that has always characterized relations between the Cuban government, religious organizations and foreign dignitaries."

Um, yeah... Everything's cordial, so long as you don't, um, you know... Dissent, or anything. Then you go to a dungeon, where the governments famed health care is somewhat difficult to come by.

Part of me could care less. I have been to a few Episcopalian churches. They all share one common characteristic: They are virtually empty.

So perhaps this overture to Castro's benevolence is merely an attempt to win back the elite liberal social climbers who once composed the membership of their dying brand of church. People whose sons and daughters wear Che t-shirts as they head off to Brown and who shop at Patagonia are now opting for Astrology, Scientology and Buddhism over their duller semi-Christian brethren.

As I said a part of me could care less. Except that, as people casually glance over the story, it might affirm or re-affirm some notion that Cuba is A-OK. Until America can extricate from its collective consciousness the vague notion that the Episcopalian church is somehow positive, their endorsement of Castro's regime will hold some sway.

See, there are those who admire the way Castro has run things in Cuba. America rightly recognizes these people as ignorant, or out of touch (think Clooney.) Cuba is a hellhole. People are literally building makeshift rafts in an effort to get off. It sucks, nationalized health care or no. If you disagree with the government, they throw you in jail. Contrast that with America, where they give you undeserved Oscars for disagreeing with our president.

*To be fair, I'm sure there are some good Episcopalian churches out there who disagree with their primates. Actually, I'm not sure, but I'll pretend to be sure to make sure people don't leave "my mother's an Episcopalian, and she didn't have anything to do with Castro" type comments...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my mother's a Communist, and she would never have anything to do with Episcopalians.

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