Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Notes and Errata

So, I'm back from my honeymoon, and quite a bit occurred in the past ten days for me to get unduly worked up over, so let's roll!

The Supreme Court made some really nice decisions last week. Tick-tock, Justice Stevens, tick, tick, tock...

The new Superman movie came out. Hey another comic book movie... This movie could be 90 minutes of Kevin Spacey taking a dump and it'll rake in $200 million and spawn four sequels.

I caught to Pussycat Dolls on Good Morning America this morning. Apparently they are the ones responsible for the song that goes "Doncha wish your girlfriend was drunk like me? Doncha wish your girlfriend was a slut like me?" featured in those Heineken commercials. Glad to know we that someone is filling America's insatiable appetite for girls of questionable hotness who can't sing or dance. Spice Girls and TLC, eat your heart out.

Heineken, on the other hand, is filling America's insatiable appetite for beer that tastes like cigarettes.

I'm looking over the credits for Superman, and it turns out Spacey is actually in the film. Has anyone seen the movie? It's not really 90 minutes of Spacey defecating, is it? Cause that would be eerie.

Somebody should cast Christopher Walken as a superhero. Don't know who he would be. Is there a semi-colon man?

North Korea is testing long range missiles that have the capacity to reach the United States. The UN Security Council is meeting today about the issue, so we're fine.

The administration is taking the New York Times to task for revealing classified information on its pages. In response, the NYT is getting pissy. The NYT is not a serious organization.

Regarding the North Korea situation, the BBC has posted an editorial stating that there is literally no solution to this crisis and then, inexplicably, praises Henry Kissinger (while implying that Kissinger favored a fuddy-duddy, equivocal approach to international crises). Read it here. The BBC is not a serious organization.

The Chicago Bulls threw a max contract at Ben Wallace. I will take a particular joy in watching them get crushed in the first round of the playoffs for the next four years.

Ken Lay died. The liberal blogs think the President killed him. The liberal bloggers are not a serious organization.

Go Tigers...


Anonymous Thom said...

Wow. I did not hear about Ken Lay. Heart attac, huh? I hear the military has a satellite that can cause heart attacks anywhere in the world. Hmmm...

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Christopher Walken ws good in Batman Returns.

He is a serious organization.

11:41 AM  

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