Monday, July 03, 2006

A puzzling conclusion

So, our honeymoon is coming to it's conclusion, and I thought that I would escape the trip with nothing blogworthy. Then we arrived in Los Angeles, and checked into our Hollywood hotel. We wandered to the pool, for a highly anticipated swim when, much to our surprise, we discovered that the pool was, in the words of one of the bellmen, "bumpin'".

College age men and women were fondling each other, dancing on top of lounge chairs, and sipping bottles of Vuelve Cliquot from the bottle. It was like a cross between the MTV Beach House and Boogie Nights. A DJ was laying down tasty beats, and admonishing people not to do back flips into the pool, and everyone was tanned and absolutely fit (though not necessarily good looking, I observed).

We literally could not make our way to the pool, and would've felt slightly intimidated if we had the opportunity. All I could do was think to myself "who the hell ARE these people?" Note that the room rates at this particular hotel range from $299-$899. Also note that the hotel required room keys as evidence of hotel patronage.

I mean, clearly these people were from Los Angeles (judging from the conversations I overheard, nobody had anything worthwhile to say... an LA trademark.) These people were not to be found throughout the remainder of the hotel. So, did they simply pay the room fee to have access to the pool?

At any rate, I must say that I absolutely abhor these people, though I now know who watches the E! network.


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