Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm Taking The Plunge

As a busy soccer mom, I figured it was time to break down and by a computer. Some of the models I saw were way too expensive, so I settled on the practical Commodore 64, which I picked up at a yard sale! I've heard great things about it's user interface, and it's quality office tools. Plus it's great for the kids. They've got all sorts of games for it. It looks like the only problem is going to be keeping everyone away from it! ;)

I'm really excited about this. GEOS and Zork came with it, so I'm pretty sure it's Internet ready. Plus, I can just plug it into the TV. How whacky is that? Change the channel honey, Commodore 64 is on. What? Are you kidding me? :o

I got a great deal on it, too. It was a total God thing. The sticker on it looked like it said $5.00. I said to the guy selling it "you mean five-hundred right? You're not selling this for just five bucks." He looked at me like he was about to say something, then said "you know what? You look like a smart shopper, I'll go ahead and give it to you for 400."

I tried to play it cool, but I was pretty excited. My husband's always telling me I'm spending too much time at garage sales. Wait until I tell him I got a whole computer for $400! This'll prove him wrong!

I'm reading the instructions, and this thing is so easy to use. All I have to do to run a program is type LOAD"*",8,1 and its ready to go in about 2-3 minutes. Plus, I've been doing some reading, and it looks like the Commodore is pretty much safe from viruses.

Oh, I have to finish up. My husband's coming home with the kids, and I want to hide this under a blanket so it's a surprise.

I can't wait to see the look on his face. 21st century, here I come!


Blogger Sarah said...

I might be able to find you a copy of "The Oregon Trail" or number munchers.

That will be both fun and educational for the kids- might even help their attention deficit.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Roger said...

Oh, I hope you set up the camera so we can all see the look on his face!

6:35 AM  
Anonymous peter said...

Dear Soccer Mom-

I have a wonderful pyramid scheme that I'd love to sit down and discuss with you!

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Soccer Mom said...


I'd love to meet with you, but I took a nasty spill down that stairs this weekend, and the doctors have to do a teensy-bit of facial restructuring. After that though, I'm game...

11:48 AM  

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