Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Musings

Nothing will drive them away. But we can beat them just for one day. Let’s Muse

President Ahmadinejad is in New York, where he will have the opportunity to speak at Columbia University. That quite a thing, isn’t it? Opening the doors to one of our nation’s premier post-secondary institution to provide a pulpit a Jew-hating madman? But then, my city elected another one to Congress, so I shouldn’t be all that surprised.


The United Auto Workers are on strike. Good timing, guys.


Was perusing the world wide web for information about David Duke (don’t ask) and I cam across the following interesting tidbit, courtesy of Wikipedia:

“using the pseudonym Dorothy Vanderbilt, Duke published a self-help book for women, titled Finders-Keepers, in 1976. The publication gives advice to women regarding (sexual activities to explicit to replicate on a family blog)…. (Duke) published the book to raise money for his activities, though the book turned out to be a flop.[12]”

That is utterly bananas. I have no words.


Here’s the thing about Ahmadinejad’s appearance. He will offer reasonable-sounding meditations about Iran’s desire for a better middle east, talk about co-operating with the United States, deny that he would ever, EVER, touch even a hair on Israel’s pretty little head.

And the major news outlets will have to quote him verbatim, without commentary (commentary, of course, reserved for those of a certain political stripe). And there is a large subsection of people who will swallow it whole, repeating it (again verbatim) as though everything he says is to be believed… Except, you know, that stuff about bombs and denying the Holocaust. That’s just bluster.


Thank you Detroit Lions, that was more like it. The Notre Dame of the NFL


Blogger Thomwade said...

I don't know. The coverage of the Iranian President's visit to Columbia was covered with lots and lots of commentary, with little weight and plenty of ridicule. The closest thing I have seen to a defense is that some Iranians are suggesting the harsh words from Columbia's President will bolster his reputation with people in Iran with whom he was losing favor. Our behavior might help legitimize him. But other than that, it's been pretty much universally harsh, and I have not seen anyone quote him positively. Nor have I seen anyone try and suggest he made any good points (random lunatics on the Daily Kos do not = The Media).

10:32 AM  

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