Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tax Hikes for Happiness

Brokeback mayor R.T. Rybak is proposing an 8% property tax hike for Minneapolis residents. Of course, Minneapolis residents pay exorbitant property taxes to begin with, and apparently most of the people who live in this city love their taxes.

And, naturally, we get very little in return for the constant rate hikes. Crime is up (partly because Rybak has refused to hire the budgeted number of police officers... You read that right.) The public schools are so awful that neighboring suburban schools hold lotteries to determine which Minneapolis students will be accepted. The city lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because Rybak insisted on hiring a lesbian fire chief (as a payback to the advocacy groups who were responsible for his election).

The city council refuses to take common sense steps to make the city a safer cleaner place. Two strip clubs in NE Minneapolis remain open in spite of the fact that they are operating illegally, the city council successfully fought a challenge by the Christian club 3 degrees to oppose the establishment of a strip club within 500 ft. of its premises.

City Council president Barb Johnson spearheaded an effort to bring Kowalski's to the Camden neighborhood, absurdly kowtowing to their demands that the cty forbid the establishment of any other grocery store within a two mile radius. 18 months later, Kowalski's closed, and residents are forced to go to the suburbs for their grocery needs.

And so on and so forth. If we are going to have incompetence, we should be able to get it for cheap.

Of course, Rybak's office does its able best to put the wool over our eyes, and he has plenty of help. The Star Tribune lovingly reprints his press release verbatim, detailing all of the funding increases entailed in Rybak's budget plan while failing to note the tax hike. This piece of non-pulitzer journalism is accented by a picture of Rybak with his trademark vacant stare that is so utterly disconcerting.

Absurdly, much of the proposed increase is going to fund a $16 million plan to combat foreclosures. Ends-means type relationships are clearly not R.T's forte. The faster I foreclose, the less of his stupid tax I have to pay.

This is getting old. Thanks to anemic voter turnout (12% IIRC), a bastion of liberal well-to-do's, who spend their days hosting fundraisers for Al Franken and shopping in Edina, get to play kingmaker. So we have a mayor who was more interested in city leadership as a social experiment.

By any objective measure, Rybak's tenure has been one of failed logistics and non-existent execution. Perhaps, if he is so unable to get along with our Republicn Governor, he should simply step down in favor of someone who can. If he wants to perform social experiments, he should become an anthropologist, and he can hire lesbians on his own dime.

For the rest of us, it's time for a change.


Blogger kimberlyoh said...

I shop in Edina! But only at consignment shops, so I can get the near-perfect cast-offs of the well-to-do crowd. I also sort through the coats, looking for real fur so I can send it back to PETA, where they use it to comfort animals saved from lab torture.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Marc Conklin said...

There are no lesbians in Minneapolis.

- R.T. Ahmadinejad

2:27 PM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

You make good points. I wish I could see through my Americanness to understand your ways.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Joseph said...

Ummmm... Maybe you need to live around Minneapolis to understand why having a lesbian fire chief loses your city money, but if you're going to attract readers outside the area, you should give your statements a little context.

That being said, try reviewing your postings for grammar and spelling mistakes before you submit. There's some new software out there, Microsoft Word, that does a pretty good job of catching those errors. For instance, did you ever try to spell Minneapolis? Harder than I thought, but there it is, magically constructed of letter because of spell-check wizardry.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Joseph said...

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10:43 PM  
Blogger Joseph said...

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10:44 PM  

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