Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wednesday Musings

Labor day, schmabor day. Let's muse the day away!

Michigan football is notoriously good at dropping one game early in the season. Since College Football has no playoff and champions are determined by computers, this fact usually renders the rest of the season an exhibition along the lines of, say, roller hockey and championship square dancing. So yeah, losing in the biggest upset in the history of college football can't be entirely unexpected, can it?

On a related note, Peter, myself, and the rest of the Rock TV team anxiously await our invitiation to the Oh Boy! Oberto! Bowl in southeastern Maine.


Now Sen. Larry Craig is reconsidering his decision to resign from the Senate. Great. I've been looking to hear more appalling details about his wide stance. This is exactly what we want to be explaining to our children. Look, it's Idaho, there are like 400,000 Republicans eager to take over your spot. Go away.


Over the weekend, an errant bull charged Minnesota State Fair goers, eventually killing itself by butting heads with a fire hydrant. Yep, folks, that's why we eat them instead of vice versa.


An excerpt from a conversation with an "emergent" Christian....

Me: (Responding to a point made about intolerance of homosexuals among black people): (we agree) that blacks have a problem with a particularly virulent strain homophobia of which you ought not be proud.

Emergent: Is it worse than the homophobic postings on your blog, Kevin?

Me: Okay, I'll bite. What are you talking about?

Emergent: For example, your mocking of John Amaechi in your February 13, 2007 blog entry:

"TPWK: Wow... And you're black too? I mean, African-gayomatic whatever.."

I will argue that it is not homophobia.

Me: Here is the link to that interview.

First of all, and I would think this would be mind-bendingly obvious, the interview is apocryphal. Second, it is obviously intended as comedic... My purpose was to paint the interviewer as embarassingly immature, in a bit of a parody of the breathless interview questions Amaechi was getting from reporters.

Of course, if you include Amaechi's response, which is: "I don't think African-gayomatic is the accepted term, but yes I am black and gay." Then you get a bit better picture of whether I am being homophobic.

Emergent: Utterly ludicrous in view of the fact that you wrote the whole nasty thing. I was merely noting that your pointing out somebody else's homophobia was somewhat ironic or hypocritical given your own record.

Me: What's nasty about it? A buffoon asks dumb questions, Amaechi humors them, then leaves in disgust. Do you have no concept of irony? Do you see where that might be funny? You are being utterly disingenuous here.

Emergent: Res Ipsa Loquitor- the thing speaks for itself.

Me: However, comedy, particularly satire, cannot speak for itself. It requires interpretation by the reader. If taken at face value, it is impossible to draw accurate conclusions from it....


I win. I would note that this about sums up far too many discussions I have had with emergent peeps, online or otherwise. Tsk-tsking accompanied by bile. Maybe they should emerge into people who aren't sanctimonious, self-absorbed nits. Honestly, more than anything, it was the people who drove me away from the movement. Just sayin'.


And with that, I'll see you next week!

Or tomorrow... Whenever I blog next.


Blogger Adam Omelianchuk said...

I can't believe that is a real conversation. Except that I can. I've had many of the same with the "emerging:" crowd too. Utterly irrational. Totally emotional. Discourse is impossible

7:41 AM  

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