Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thursday Musings

Rare musings on Thursday! Grab popcorn! Find room for happiness! Let's roll...

As an American, I find it is helpful to condense the news as it unfolds, particulary when it comes to tricky matters of international policy. As such, I will simply assume that Benazir Bhutto was mauled to death by tigers at a zoo in the midst of a snowstorm.


It appears my endorsement of John McCain carried some weight with primary voters. Since the endorsement, McCain has surged in the polls, and now sits just 6% behind frontrunner Rudy Giuliani. In related news I will be playing Rosencrantz in an upcoming production of Hamlet.


My wife and I scored a number of gift certificates for Christmas this year. You know how they say that it's the thought that counts? Well, I admire the person who is thoughtful enough to say to themselves "Kevin is a man who likes to think for himself. I will buy him a gift certificate."

Also, we got approximately $70 worth of coffee. I harbor no ill will toward the beverage, and my wife did vote for John Kerry, but where did that come from? Are we "coffee people" all of a sudden? Is this an intervention by proxy?


On a related note, who made the rules as to what groceries can be gifts? Sausage and cheese is a gift basket staple. Coffee, cakes, coffee-cakes... All fair game. But buy someone a bag of Tostitos and watch the awkward silence emerge. Apples and oranges are all good, but don't you dare buy me potatoes or yams. Who is making the rules here?


Since when did it become cool to just have a wedding whenever? We've gone from weekends to Friday nights, to Friday dinner hour... I half expect to get an invitiation to a wedding held at 1:30 p.m. on a Tuesday. Just because it's your special little day doesn't mean you should want everyone to hate you. Just sayin'...



Anonymous Roger said...

Tostidos would be an awesome present. So would Doritos or Fritos.

Any of the -itos family, really...

7:38 AM  

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