Friday, December 14, 2007

Top Ten Fridays: Steroids Edition

After Sen. George Mitchells' revelatory pronouncement that certain major league baseball players have used steroids, fans are understandably shocked and betrayed that their favorite athletes are using illegal substances. Naturally, fans will want to vent by way of cleverly dismissive, insulting versions of the athletes names so that they can berate them publicly and privately. For those fans, TPWK is here for you. Here are some samples for this week's top ten.

10. Andy Pesteroids

9. Jason "Steroids" Giambi

8. Jeremy "Steroids" Giambi

7. Steroidsy Sheffield

6. Chuck Knobetrayedourtrustbyusingsteroids

5. Miguel Steroids

4. Roger "Roger Clemens" Clemens

3. Bristeroids Robsteroidsertssteroids

2. Cheating jackass

1. Barry


Blogger Sarah said...

I'd like to call Barry B-nial.

1:23 PM  

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