Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fever feelings

I can certainly relate to this woman. I know that when fever and congestion hit me, I feel "SLLLOWWW". Also, I apparently begin to appear as a cross between John Edwards and the Childlike Empress. Quick words association... When I say 'slow', do you say "woman with giant head"? Well, maybe, but only because you are looking at the ad.

What, pray tell, is the woman holding in her left hand. A steel pipe? Is this woman about to do battle with the 1980s lation gang? Los Locos kick your teeth and Los Locos kick your face, but Elephant Woman has a steel bar and she's hopped up on Sudafed, so stay cool ese. She'll sting you with the left, then leverage her body to slap you with her palsied right.

I can think of any number of headlines that describe that ambiguous swollen feeling you get during a cold, so how did this one make it through the approval process?

Chaz: Krebs, I need a headline for the Sudafed people. Something snazzy... You know.
Krebs: How about "My fever and congestion makes me feel like really slow"?
Chaz: I like it. Can we spell "really slow" with five 'L's and 'W's?
Krebs: I dunno. How about three?
Chaz: That's smart thinkin', Krebs. Put everything in caps, and I'll see if we can get Samantha Morton to do a photo shoot.

Seriously, for a company trying to distance it's product from one of the largest drug epidemics in American history, this is some stiflingly bad work.

Feel free to click on Humpty-Dumpty brains and tell her exactly how you feel.


Anonymous Peter said...

"Also, I apparently begin to appear as a cross between John Edwards and the Childlike Empress."

This was a fantastic Neverending Story reference, and it provoked about a minute of laughter out of me at 7:15 am. Nice work.

7:11 AM  

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