Friday, January 04, 2008

Top Ten Fridays: Food Annoyances

Of late, food has made me peevish, or has run afoul of existing peeves, or has provoked peevish responses that have codified into peeves. Either way, I tire of this introduction, so here are they...

10. Special dinners - If I enjoy a restaurant, I will often sign up to receive e-mail from that restaurant. Of late, I have been inundated with information about special dinners. Usually held on a Sunday-Tuesday, these dinners feature a multi-course dinner paired with wine for anywhere from $75-125 per person. The notion that I should pay extra for the luxury of having the same chef cook for me is absurd. If restaurants want to fill their tables on a Tuesday, it would seem that a discount would be in order. How many people are getting duped by this?

9. Arby's pricing shenanigans. Every week, Arby's puts out another flyer with their weekly specials. 5 sandwiches for $6, buy a sandwich get a free pop, etc... Some of the coupons don't even make sense. This week's special is 4 Arby's melts for 5 dollars, but an adjacent coupon offers them for 99 cents. Of course, Arby's is not interested in having you use the coupons. They exist for the sole purpose of establishing a false connection between their food items and the reasonable prices attached them. In reality, a combo at Arby's will set you back like $9. It's worth it, though.

8. The existence of Taco John's. Completelu unnecessary.

7. Popcorn prices. I went to see a movie at the Regal Cinema in Brooklyn Center, and a large popcorn was $7. That is beyond all reason. People were literally walking up to the counter, eyeing the prices, and turning away. I guess times are a changing. The new Ford Focus costs $135,678, I assume.

6. Popcorn shenanigans. Note to theaters: When you offer a combo, it should save money. Even if it's only 50 cents. For crying out loud.

5. Beer shenanigans. A regular beer should be 12 oz. A tall beer should be 23 oz. If you want to make them bigger, I will not complain. But do not give me an 8 oz. cup and call it a beer. So help me, don't do it. It's not a martini. I'm not drinking it with a teaspoon.

4. Speaking of flyers, Rainbow has a special on shrimp in a bag. Fair enough, but the product boats the following, by way of yellow starboom thingy: "Farm Raised in Thailand". Normally, that's the sort if caveat that is announced in 2 font, accompanied by asterisks. In this case, it's the products best attribute. Don't all rush to get it at once.

3. Women's willingness to pay any dollar amount for something they like (see: weddings). Take Chai Tea. I don't know what is in Chai tea (is Chai itself an ingredient? Is there like a Chaiberry bush?) but I do know there is no way it is worth $4 a box. But women drink it, so they can charge whatever they want. Ditto anything with the word "smart" in the title.

2. The Sonic persists in advertising to me constantly, even though there is not a store in my state, much less my area. That's more of a curiosity. I don't have any real interest in their latest slushy incarnation, and this hardly merits the number two spot on the list. So instead of renumbering everything, I am going to become disproportionately outraged by this. I hate you, Sonic.

1. The notion that I am suppose to wait my tipstaff irrespective of whether they have done their job. As a result, virtually no waitstaff any longer do their job. We've removed any and all incentive for waiters and waitresses to be competent, or for restaurants to employ competent staff. (1a) The fact that someone who was once a waiter will inevitable post in the comment section about how hard it is to be a waiter, thus initiating the most predictable stalemate of a discussion of all time. Well, maybe that won't happen now, since I mentioned it already...


Blogger Roger said...

Now I'm hungry. Curse you TPWK!

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...

Next time you are in a state with a Sonic, try their breakfast burritos. The concept itself may be an abomination, but boy are they tasty, especially if you've already had an 8oz beer or two.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous A Fan said...

Why does Subway and other "fast food" restaurants have Tip Jars? Am I really to tip the register jockey at Burger King? Come now.

8:27 PM  

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