Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Musings - Superbowl edition.

Superbowl Action – Manmade football frenzy!!!!

Did you know that Fox has a new show called the Sara Conner Chronicles? It’s like the Terminator and with robots and if this idea doesn’t appeal to you the first time, I can’t imagine why you 1,543,356 ads for the show would persuade you. It’s like sushi. Either you dig robot-related melodrama with PG-13 violence or you don’t.


Salesgenie made Superbowl history by reintroducing racism to the proceedings. Ling Ling the panda? Seriously? See, this is what happens when the race hysterics beat the drum every time Barack Obama is deemed articulate. They’ve been crying wolf for years, only to allow abject bigotry into the mainstream.

Of course, by posting this, I am giving the dolt who wrote this (the company’s CEO, who opted to “bypass” traditional agencies and write the ads himself) precisely what he wants. He wants controversy. The more controversy the ads generate, the more popular his product becomes with salesman, who (typically) lack the intelligence or decency comprehend the implications of disturbing stereotypes.

Congratulations, SalesGenie. I’m certain every defunct mortgage lender is presently dialing up your website on his Blackberry from his new job at the Toyota dealership.


Actually, it seemed like a lot of companies were by-passing ad agencies, altogether. Audi ventured into previously mined comic territory by spoofing the Godfather for some reason. Bud Light stole Wendy’s (uninteresting) fire breathing gag. Gatorade gives us 30 seconds of a dog drinking from a dog bowl, which could have been an ad for any product wishing to tap into the inherent popularity of dogs being dogs.

Vitamin Energy Water had an ad with people lifting heavy chains, and another with Shaq riding a motorcycle. Why the hell are people getting paid to produce this? Has middle-management managed to cull every insightful and intelligent person from the ranks of our agencies and marketing departments? Are companies so enamored of Phyllis, the husky, middle-aged marketing director with a rudimentary understanding of metrics, that they are blind to the schlock they are putting on the airwaves? (Answer: Yeah, pretty much).


Oh, the Giants won, and Randy Moss did some sort of curious dance after scoring a touchdown. ELI HAS GROWN UP BEFORE OUR EEEYYYYYYYEEEESSSSS….


Maybe next year SalesGenie can liven things up by depicting a live sexual assault. I mean, once decency is out the window, why pull punches?


Anonymous peter said...

I liked the "talking stain" ad and the carrier pidgeon one, but otherwise the commercials were pretty dull.

12:25 PM  
Blogger renee said...

we speculated about the possibility of sara conner having sex with terminators and having little half-terminator babies. if that happens in the show, i will watch it.

12:34 PM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

Renee raises the bar.

4:37 PM  

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