Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Musings

I wanna run through the halls of the high school. I wanna muse at the top of my lungs.

Hey you, in the 1990 Corolla. Don’t look at me all guilty like you know what you did and you’re sorry, just stop merging onto the highway at 31 mph. That’s what I need. Just change before someone dies because you are an idiot.


So Hopeface had a big weekend for the Democrats. How do you explain Obama’s sudden momentum? Did a bunch of angry liberals take the gun out of their mouths for a second and think to themselves “well, might as well take American down with me…” I cannot take seriously anyone who thinks that clown should be president.


Roy Scheider of Seaquest DSV fame died at some point recently. Smart move, I say. A B-list actor should always try to die right before the Oscars. He’s bumped himself to the front of the “In Memoriam” section. Should be a good one this year, instead of a bunch of damn cinematographers and conductors.


I am elsewhere on the Internets as we speak. Check me out. I give you basketball and music. You see how I’m multi-faceted. I'm the Bing Crosby of the blogosphere.


Herbie Hancock won the Grammy for album of the year, once again demonstrating the relevance of this particular award. In related news, Kanye West has announced that he is beginning work on an instrumental album featuring the works of Herbie Hancock. The proposed title “evidence that I am somehow better than Herbie Hancock, and that I am also the master of great s---, Vol. 1”


The Kate Hudson-Matthew Macaugheneghy vehicle “Fool’s Gold” debuted at number one at the office. Movie audiences, however, reportedly felt cheated, noting that they didn’t get any gold. I’m Norm MacDonald. Good night.



Blogger Sarah said...

I heard the grammys were last night on the radio this morning----oh darn, I missed another one.

There is no awards show worth watching....unless perhaps William Shatner hosts, but even then I doubt I'll waste my time.

Any gossip magazine will have anything I "need to know" at a time when I have to endure a long flight.

Same goes for any Hudson/McCounaghy (or however it's spelled) movie.

3:14 PM  

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