Sunday, March 02, 2008

Monday Musings

Only Minnesotans could be happy to see rain, but we are. Let's do this...

Obama has played his race card! In response to his endorsement by anti-Semitic screwball Louis Farrakhan, Obama waffled, got attacked by Hillary and Republicans (and just about anyone else not drinking the Koolaid). So his peeps pointed to the comments of some radio shock jock in Cincinatti and, boom, everything is racist.

I said before that Obama had one more use of the card after the Biden affair, and he would prefer not to have used it before the nomination was squared away. But he needed to shut down the Farrakhan talk, and this has the added benefit of pre-empting criticisms of his UCC "black liberation" non-church. We now must all assume that he was raised in a wholesome midwestern church devoted to civil rights. Yep, nothing behind that particular curtain.

Of course maybe Obama can unite Jew-haters and Jews with his impassioned rhetoric. But history has shown those two groups to be a poor match, to say the least.


The Democratic response was to tie McCain to John Hagee. Yes, that's a great response to rumors of anti-semitism, tie John McCain to a pastor known for his bitter hatred of anti-Semitism. I'm sure every voter is going to do the extensive research into the nature of dispensationalist theology necessary to nuance their opinion.

But yes, Hagee called the Catholic Church a whore. Meanie him. But let me ask this, would you let your son become an altar boy? Seriously, people trust the Catholic Church the way they trust their mortgage brokers. But the message to Jews? McCain's your man.

Which, of course, he is.


So now that it's March, can GM quit it with that dischordant techno-version of "hail to the chief" during every single commercial break? It's President's Day, not Ramadan. Has any single ad generated so much animosity toward a featured brand?

Also, I didn't realize Saturn was a GM vehicle. That's like discovering your neighbor is part of a militia. You might still have him over for barbecues, but your gonna keep your distance, you know?


Faced with a growing number of vacant properties due to foreclosure, City Councilman (and Rybak clone) Gary Schiff has proposed instituting a $6,000 annual fee for vacant properties. The fee is assessed to the property itself, meaning that any foreclosure property will essentially increase in price by at least $6,000.

Gary Schiff is a bimbo, so I doubt he has taken the time to think this through. More likely he has seen a problem, and proposed a fine to solve it. That's as far as he got. He is also seen as an heir apparent to brokeback mayor R.T. Rybak to lead Minneapolis. Does anyone else get the impression that Minneapolis' streak of being a desirable city in which to live is quickly coming o an end. Charlotte, anyone?


Tonight is Steve Guttenberg's Dancing With the Stars debut. I don't watch the show, but I now have my favorite. That, folks, is what we call kismet. I am watching every episode until he is gone. Dance, dance you beautiful bastard.



Anonymous Thom said...

Gm was playing their Christmas ads through the end of February. So, no, I assume their Presidents Day ads are going run through June.

9:32 PM  

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