Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Musings

Monday, or another, I’m gonna find ya… Hell, I’m gonna gitcha-gitcha-gitcha-gitcha if you aren’t careful. Let’s muse.


Scientists have detected the presence of prescription drugs in our drinking water. I will simply ignore all reasonable explanations for why this is so, and demand that my elected officials spend copious amounts of money to combat what is obviously a life-threatening problem. I hope to God that every presidential candidate has something to say about this.


So the girl in Hillary’s famous 3 am ad is now eighteen, and supports Barack Obama. The high school Senior appeared on morning TV to inform the world of her support, saying that that “What I don't like about the ad is its fear-mongering,” and that she prefers “I really prefer Obama's message of looking forward to a bright future.”

At first I scoffed at such a trite endorsement from a prototypical blonde (never mind that she accidentally made Hillary’s point). But then I realized, wait, these are Obama’s talking points. Almost verbatim. The campaign is just trotting her out Obama literally talks like an eighteen year-old girl. I can forgive a teeny-bopper for being good looking and dumb, but I don’t need the prom queen telling me who I should vote for, thanks.


Belated restaurant recommendation… I recently paid a visit to Los Andes, which is just East of Fujiya on Lake St. The surroundings aren’t much but the food is grand, and the empanadas are to die for. I had goat and tripe on the same platter, so if you’re thinking Arby’s, maybe look elsewhere… Feel me?


In an effort to conform reality to the pages of The Onion, the Catholic church has released a list of new sins. Among the sins are pollution and economic injustice. Fair enough, but um, what about the whole thing with altar boys. To paraphrase the gun lobbyists, shouldn’t they be more concerned about enforcing the sins they already have? Just sayin’.


Last, and probably least, when did Ted Danson begin to resemble Gary Busey?


Blogger Roger said...

Everybody has their role models, Kevin. Even Ted Danson.

5:32 AM  
Blogger Ted said...

Ted Danson is what Gary Busey would be like if he hadn't taken so much to the bottle.

10:00 AM  

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