Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Musings

It's Monday and the Spartans are still in the tourney. Good enough for me, let's hate on stuff...

Apparently, I am not the only one who things Barack Obama would be better as a dessert.

They wanted to introduce a flavor for Jeremiah Wright as well, but "fruitcake flambe" didn't focus group well. This is a coup for Obama, though. What better way to reach overweight white women while they're feeling guilty and sad?


I don't normally plug other blogs (I like to think I render them obsolete), but do visit Garfield Minus Garfield if you have the time. It's appeal is both readily apparent and difficult to articulate, so I'll leave you to it, except to say that I think it reveals something about Jim Davis' talent.

Embedded in his three-frame cliches is a genuinely funny, desperately sad character. It is the need for a punchline, combined with an antiquated concept of wit, that so often drives the strip into the doldrums. Underneath the genre, we find a lonely, dystopic, vision of humanity that is brutally funny. Take away the cute cat, and there is something decidedly not okay about the whole thing.


Speaking of Hopeface (as I will often be caught doing over the next several months), his campaign in some rather non-post-political behavior this weekend. First, an Obama advisor said that Hillary is a flawed person who lacks the character to serve in the White House. Another compared Bill Clinton to Joseph McCarthy. Nice.

Meanwhile, Obama is just a nice man who attends a screwy church for political reasons and lies about it. And those are his positive traits... Glass houses, people.


Kwame Kilpatrick, the lowlife mayor of Detroit, has finally been arrested for one of his many crimes. None of that is half is depressing as the fact that he proposed to sell city parks in order to settle a lawsuit against him. What is interesting is that Kilpatrick, elected at age 31, was once considered a fresh face for Detroit. He was a bit of an unknown quantity, but offered a can-do message of hope. Then, when his reputation was on the line, he played the race card.

He doesn't remind me of anyone, and we cannot learn a lesson from his example that might be applied to other scenarios. No we can't.


Sports rant. I am tired of college basketball games ending with one player simply running into the lane, crashing into bodies, and earning a foul. This isn't the fifth grade. End sports rant.


Headline on the torch lighting ceremony, which was disrupted by protesters upset with China's copious record of human rights transgressions. "Protesters mar Torch Lighting". Really? They marred it? Would they ever say that about, say, the protesters who are sure to descend upon the Republican convention?

Liu Qi, the Beijing games chief, had this to say.

"The Olympic flame will radiate light and happiness, peace and friendship, and hope and dreams to the people of China and the whole world,"

Um, yeah, that's why they wanted to keep it from being lit.

"It is always sad to see such a ceremony disrupted," International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge told reporters.

It is? And what a name, Jacques Rogge. Sounds like the name of a thief is one of thsoe cheesy 1970s diamond-heist movies. No, Mr. Rogge, what is sad is that your committee chose a country that murders its own people to host the Olympic games. Sad doesn't begin to cover it.



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