Friday, April 11, 2008

Travelogue - Day 3-4

The thrilling Conclusion...

Reason #45 why I don’t have a flatscreen TV. There’s a nice big one in my hotel room, and I am just now turning it on. Thanks to Tivo (or, rather, it’s myriad generics) I no longer channel surf. I simply watch what I have recorded for myself. This TV has nothing recorded for me.


If you really want to know what I’m doing at this conference, you can visit the media relations blog. Please don't leave comments.


Trade show knick-knacks are absurd. I have a profound number of mints now. I won’t be able to pass a breathalyzer for weeks.


You know what San Francisco doesn’t have? Sports bars. I have to walk all the way to Chinatown to catch the last half of the NCAA championship (because again, I refuse to simply watch it for free on the flat screen the hotel has provided me).

So I settle into this cozy underground bar, and am subsequently approached by a prostitute. OVERTIME!!!!


For the game, not the prostitute. I leave the bar.


While televised sports programming can be difficult to find in SF, It is infrequent to find a block in SF that does not have a sushi bar.


Contrary to popular belief, San Francisco is a relatively trolley-free environment. Bob Saget is such a liar.


Oh yeah, so the chocolate sauce. Turns out chocolate topping is on the list of banned substances, or at least the portion that exists solely in the imagination of a $8 per hour employee. So yeah, I lose my chocolate sauce. I should’ve wrapped it in a bomb so I could get it through. Seriously, good thing we got the government to be in charge of this. I feel so safe.


The Kevman is back in Minnesota. Hide your babies. Seriously. Not from me, though.


Anonymous Thom said...

Your (generically) TiVo'd shows will look much better on a flat screen high def TV.

6:43 PM  

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