Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Trivia

Hey, it's trivia time at TPWK. Today's trivia question is a doozy, so put your thinking caps on, people...

No Steve, there is no such thing a thinking cap... Look, let's just try to have fun here, nobody needs a cynic...

Oh, real classy Steve. Should I tell your mother you said that. She's be really... Don't give me the finger... You deserve the finger. You deserve two fingers.

I know that wouldn't mean the same thing, Steve. Okay, why don't you just leave. Obviously, you're not into trivia and you just want to ruin it for everyone else. Why don't you go home and play with your ninjas. Name them or something...

Without any further...

No, Steve, you're not taking the Doritos. I brought those for trivia day. Put them back down. Oh great, now whose going to clean that... Again with the middle finger! Your a piece of work, pal.

Here's todays trivia question.

Who invented the Cotton Gin?

See the comments for the answer.


Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

It was Eli Whitney, people.

Eli Whitney.

1:21 PM  
Blogger renee said...

that is an unverifiable claim. also: i looked it up on wikipedia, because i couldn't remember the actual guy's name, but of course, the "cotton gin" entry had been hijacked.

apparently Eli Whitney is someone's "BRUTHU FROM ANOTHU MOTHER." this in addition to being ludicrous, is not even close to phonetic. you're welcome world, for my first contribution to the silliness-free state of the first public, semi-reliable, pseudo-encyclopedia.

4:28 PM  

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