Friday, May 23, 2008

A conversation over chess

Vilnius: Check... And mate!!!

Ceausescu: Alas!

Vilnius: It was the strength of my central pawns.

Ceausescu: I thought I would exploit your bishop.

Vilnius: And I exploited you.

Ceausescu: Sweet, sweet chess. I was wondering...

Vilnius: You are always wondering, you old scoundrel!

Ceausescu: A scoundrel, nay a prophet?

Vilnius: And now you play the card!

Ceausescu: But to my thesis, what if man were also machine.

Vilnius: You confound me.

Ceausescu: That calculus of the robotic, the inuition of the beast.

Vilnius: A God among men, a man among Gods!

Ceausescu: To achieve such balance.

Vilnius: Your paradigm anew!

Ceausescu: A conquerer of impulse, an intellect mightier than pen or sword.

Vilnius: Oh, paradox.

Ceausescu: If only it were so.

Vilnius: The implications (unveils a hatchet)

Ceausescu: Ah, the blade of the working class.

Vilnius: Upon you! (with a slice, removes Ceausescu's hand)

Ceausescu: Now, I am confounded!

Vilnius: Go, and become the machine-beast of your dreams.

Ceausescu: Let's revisit this at our next match old chum.

Vilnius: But now, to the medic.

Ceausescu: To the mortuary!

Vilnius: Alas... 'tis so. (slices Ceausescu's neck)

Ceausescu: (gurgle)

Vilnius: Checkmate, old chum. Checkmate indeed.

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