Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Musings

It's Monday. I'm hot and my ears are moist. Let's muse.

In tragic news, Barack Obama has informed his elderly grandmother that he has disowned her, citing "consistency".


So you may have heard that Universal Studios caught fire this weekend. This is unremarkable, as news reports indicate that most of Southern California is perpetually engulfed in flames. More remarkable, not only did the park not close, but the tour (aka the attraction that was ON FIRE) did not stop.


The designer of the Pringles can died recently. This is unremarkable. Package designers are mortal like the rest of us (albeit less so). What is remarkable is that he chose to have his ashes stored in an empty Pringles container. Even more remarkable is that I am NOT MAKING THAT UP.


Caught this on DailyKos:

"As usual, where the GOP cannot fight on the battlefield of ideas (after all, Americans prefer the Democratic position on nearly every major issue), it fights instead against a caricature"

This is not remarkable (except, perhaps, for its banality). More remarkable, it was alongside a picture of Dick Cheney putting the Constitution through a paper shredder.

Seriously, the only thing the lunatics at DailyKos have brought to the battlefield of ideas is a sledgehammer.


I've got a damn gopher in my garden.


Anonymous Dick Cheney, Vice President said...

Uh...well, that was not really an exaggeration. I actually did that.

To be fair, the purpose was to create some padding at the end of the slip & slide for the annual White House Back Yard B-B-Q. It was not out o disrespect for the Constitution.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous peter said...

On an unrelated note, what were your thoughts on the Flip Saunders firing, Kevin?

5:34 PM  

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