Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Musings

Everything is different now. Let's muse.

Caught two movies over the weekend. The first, "Babel", left me with an uneasy feeling. The feeling that we are all interconnected, and that deep down everyone is just the same? No, that was what the movie clearly wanted me to believe. I got that part. No, seriously, I got it. I am 100% lucid on that point.

Rather, I was beginning to wonder if I could be entertained by movies anymore. Here was, in my estimation, a decidedly average film, with cheap contrivances, 'A'-list actors, and all sorts of cinematography. And yet, I wasn't particularly entertained. Nor was I, as liberal arts students are prone to be, challenged. I had given up, to some degree, on the power of cinema, or my power to comprehend said power.

Either way, I watched "There Will be Blood" the following evening. I guess I can safely say that the film restored my faith in movies.


Footnote: A shame the film had to be nominated against "No Country For Old Men". It will forever be "They Shoot Horses Don't They?" to the Coen Brothers "Midnight Cowboy".

...Only not the superior film.


It would seem that Barack Obama is a done deal. Short of confessing to some sort of high-octane sex crime (and perhaps not even then), he will saunter to the presidency unscathed. I mean, don't you think? Isn't that the deal? Isn't that what makes otherwise thinking people cast their lot with a mediocrity?

As such, I'll make little effort to change your minds. What would be the point? I argue with reason. Support of Barack Obama cannot be defended by reason. As such, I will resort to making feel inadequate those who vote for the dolt. Believe me, this will not be hard.


Football season draws near. I am a fan of the Detroit Lions. This is not a good combination. Matt Millen has taken a Tri-Minnesota approach to team management.


Gay marriage is legal in California! This makes everything better!

That said, here is the AP photo correlated with coverage of this historical event.

Perfect. If you oppose gay marriage, you oppose the happiness of two old ladies. There is no reasonable counterargument. Such is the nature of media bias.


My peas are growing strong. A lot of people had been asking that. I plan to begin harvesting in ten days. This is how I roll, with regard to peas.


Anonymous Thom said...

I don't know... McCain still has a shot...though both our choices are less a matter of evils and more an issue of competing mediocrity (though I would rather have McCain as a choice over Guiliani or Romney.

9:33 AM  

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