Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A reasoned response

From time to time, my blog affords me the opportunity to address questions from my regular readers. Here are some of my favorites from the comment section.

From my post regarding Lesbians in my cereal:

"What the heck is wrong with you? What is so wrong about a potentially lesbian couple appearing on a box of cereal. Are you THAT insecure in your own sexuality that you can't stand to see two women together?"

-Craig in Seattle

Dude, I'm insecure in my own sexuality that I make my wife buy Kashi for me in the first place. That said, if the Trix Rabbit were being caressed by Sugar Bear in some sort of Sugar-Crisp-Trix hybrid (Sugarbrix?) wouldn't you, I dunno, blog or something? Could you handle that level of absurd irony? I don't think you could, dude.

From this week's Monday musings post:

"On an unrelated note, what were your thoughts on the Flip Saunders firing, Kevin?"

-Peter in Minneapolis

Gee, I don't recall you posting your thoughts on Saunders firing. Why don't you head to NBA City and enjoy a "Jefferson on the Rocks" as you watch "The House McHale Built" toe the Mendoza line all season. What? You don't know what the Mendoza line is? Of course not, because you are from Minnesota, land of passive-aggressive husbands who politely turn off the sports programming when it's time for potatoes au gratin.

"What is your problem, Kevin? "

-Anonymous with an apocryphal 15-year old daughter in England

Well, my father's in prison for a crime he didn't commit. I pay jaw-dropping property taxes for which I will never see anything in return. Almost everyone loves terrible wine, which means I need to drink terrible wine. Oh, and we're about to elect, to the presidency, an imbecile, the best defense of whom, from my politically-nuanced friends, is that he might not really imbecile but just seems like it right now because he is running against Hillary Clinton.

Also, it's hot and humid inside, but chilly on the outside.



Anonymous peter said...

Thanks Kevin. I probably deserved that for my insolence.

And by the way, we don't eat potatoes au gratin, Bridgette says that potatoes remind her too much of meat.

7:55 AM  

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