Thursday, July 03, 2008

Joe Horn Republicans

In the wake of the grand jury's decision to exonerate Joe Horn for the "crime" of shooting two drug-dealing robbers on his property, some citizens are expressing their outrage. Quanell X, decribed as a community activist, is organizing protests against the Harris County DAs office, and the recently bereaved Stephanie Story is threatening a lawsuit (natch).

Quanell X sounds either like the name of a prescription drug that cures restless leg syndrome or one of those Farrakhan worshipping black panther types Barack Obama is always disowning. Apparently, it's the latter. Here's a picture:

He's the one in the center. I think there is an unspoken requirement that when you change your name to 'X', you have to wear beige suits and surround yourself with Idi Amin look alikes in berets. At a recent press conference, Quannel offered this stern warning to the people of Harris County, Texas:

“In less than 10 years, blacks, Hispanics and minorities will be the largest number in Harris County... So those in power, remember you got children and grandchildren too. You reap what you have sowed.”

Nothing a veiled threat of race riots to win over the people of Texas, eh? Of course, Mr. X is no stranger to incendiary rhetoric. Here is Quannel addressing the Jewish population:

"Black youth do not want a relationship with the Jewish community or the mainstream white community or the foot shuffling, head-bowing, knee bobbing black community. … All you Jews can go straight to hell."

That's a nice sentiment. Also, we have this:

"if you feel that you just got to mug somebody because of your hurt and your pain, go to River Oaks and mug you some good white folks."

So, this is what the Houston press dubs a community activist, huh? Not "degenerate nutcase" or "violent thug"? Why does someone who cannot practice even elementary principles of self control have the right to leverage to press to drag Joe Horn through the mud? Just because somebody says it, doesn't make it news.

Of course, Ms. Storey's lawsuit will almost certainly fail. Joe Horn was within his rights to kill those two men, and it will be impossible to convince a jury otherwise (especially if your legal counsel is provided by a black panther). The average person on the street is actually quite pleased that these two men, who belonged to a gang devoted to burglary, drugs and identity forgery, are no more. If they lived in Minneapolis, I know I'd be glad to be rid of them.

There is a broader issue at play here. Texas recently enacted one of the strongest self-defense statutes in the nation. As this story gathers steam, dailies in other states are going to note that Joe Horn would likely be facing prison time.

If the Republicans are smart, there will be "Castle" provisions on every statewide ballot come November. It will drive lethargic concervatives and Ron Paul types to the polls in droves. The Reagan Democrats will become Horn Republicans. Code Pink, Mothers Against Everything, and dudes named "X" will come out of the woodwork in an effort to stop the next peacemaker. Let them. Red berets make red states

And Joe Horn deserves our support.

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