Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Musings

It's gonna be a hot one today folks. As in, my musings are going to be scorching hot! Rev it up! I am a local radio personalityyyyyyy!!!!

Thanks to the influence of social media, every item of interest on the web must now be accompanied by a comments section. As such, a curious dividing line has emerged, a new delineation (if you will) between the haves and have-nots. There are those who write (or otherwise produce), having earned the respect of a certain readership (viewership, listenership et al...) and even a steady paycheck for their efforts.

Then, there are the commenters, those whose zeal greatly exceeds their grammatical sensibilities, or any sensibilites at all, really. Comment after comment, cloaked in the anonymity of a username, they unfurl their essence upon the Internet, choking our search engines and communications forums with their dreck.


Case in point: Geddylee88, who comments regarding Rolling Stones narrow-minded inclusion of Beatles tracks among their top 500 rock songs of all time:

"The editors of this magazine are always so bias towards 60's stuff like Jimi and Chuck Berry, but especially The Beatles. The only reason the Beatles are so famous is because of the ridiculous amount of successful songs they've put out; I don't see how any one of them can be coined as so musically brilliant.

Rush, anyone?"


None of the above unpleasantness applies to the regular commenters here of course.


I harp on the emergent church here a lot, I know. But I like doing it, and so I will do it some more.

Tony Jones, Doug Pagitt and some guy I haven't heard of are promoting their new books (when are emergent leaders ever NOT promoting books?) via a whistlestop tour, of sorts. To accompany their tour, they have produced a 90 minute play, set in 1908, wherein they play their fictional revivalist great-grandfathers. That's not indulgent at all.

Of the experience, Tony Jones gushes:

"Things have changed in America in the last century, to be sure, but I keep thinking about a summer 100 years ago when our nation was... preparing for a presidential election between a Republican insider (Secretary of War William Howard Taft) and a midwestern Democrat known for his scintillating oratory (William Jennings Bryan)."

Comparing Barack Obama to William Jennings Bryan is like comparing a yellow crayon to the sun... Or comparing the emergent church to Christianity, for that matter.


Would it be unfair to note that Bryan's reputation was sullied, in part, by the very "revivalists" Jones et al. endeavor to emulate?


Would it be additionally unfair to note that Bryan stood athwart the militaristic ambitions of pre-Nazi Germany, earning the scorn of anti-semitic intellectuals, while Obama has more anti-semites in his rolodex than a Halal market?

I suppose so.


Harvesting the last of the peas for the season. Made a fancy pea salad last night. Can't complain... Can't complain...


Anonymous gqguy89 said...

1st comment!

12:33 PM  
Blogger Roger said...

Unfortunately, there is such a flood of worthless comments that people end up not reading any of the comments and actually intellectual responses are lost, like unopened treasures hidden underneath Peter's outhouse.

6:54 PM  

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