Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Musings

I'm on a diet. Diets make me grumpy. Me grumpy equals more musings, so let's roll.

Hot on the tail of the KARE 11 segment, the Star Tribune did a feature on my brother's church, The Urban Refuge.

He did an interview on KSTP as well, but I can't find the link.


In related news, a gunman in Tennessee opened fire on a Unitarian church, killing two. It's nice to see Christians finally getting involved.


As many of you know, Obama went abroad to the Middle East and Europe last week. So now he has foreign policy experience, in case you were worried about that. His handlers did a particularly good job with the German media. Here is my favorite quote:

"(Obama) wants to convince (voters) that the world will also listen to a black president... And there's one other thing one shouldn't forget when talking about Obama: He easily reworks even positions that have been written in stone and adjusts to new requirements."

Italics mine. That's intended as a compliment. From the folks who brought you Hitler, ladies and gentlemen.


Charges were dropped against Minneapolis gang member Tywin Bender, who (allegedly, of course) paralyzed a 14 year old girl who was caught in the crossfire of a gangfight. Apparently, some key witnesses changed their minds. I wonder how that happened.

Here is a picture of Tywin. I was criticized before for hair-related commentary, so I'll let this "do" speak for itself.


The girl's father, Steve Hall, expressed disappointment that this butcher is being set free, saying "Whoever did this, they will be dealt with. God is not going to let them get away with it."

For the record, if Steve Hall wanted to "deal with" whoever did this in the backyard of a certain nearby blogger, I'm sure said blogger could dig out his "Don't Snitch" t-shirt and crank some David Bowie in the basement for an hour or two. Just be sure not to get any excess Tywin on the geraniums, or my wife will bust a cap in MY ass.


Speaking of which, what is the origin of the name Tywin? Was he named after a generic brand of electronics? Is the name a sly reference to Thai Nguyen, the mountainous provence in central Vietnam? Is it just Tryone, but written illegibly?


As I mentioned, I am on a diet. I also like beer. Attempts to reconcile my conundrum were met with swift rebuke at the hands of 64 calorie Miller Genuine Draft Light, which tastes like Schlitz malt liquor combined with eight tablespoons of someone else's saliva. Regardless of the temperature at which it is served, MGD Light tastes warm and moist. Avoid it.

On a lighter note (no pun intended), the beer is 2.9%, meaning it can be sold in grocery stores. See? Laws make sense.


Blogger Sarah said...

This past weekend I tried drinking Mikes Lite Cranberry Lemonade.

It tasted like a fizzy gatorade.
I hate gatorade....

From now on it's the fully loaded stuff. If I drink 1 regular beverage as opposed to 2 crappy lite beverages the calories come out about even.

So that and everything else is just less.

I've also taken to cutting out dinner and just having an ice cream cone. It keep one cool and it's less calories than a whole meal. :)

11:21 AM  

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