Monday, August 04, 2008

At the precipice

They say that the night is darkest before the dawn. Recently, I have to admit I've been observing the night, and I'm starting to wonder about the dawn. This year, I joined my friends at our annual cabin trip. I have embraced this trip as a reminder of the simple joy of familiarity.

And yet, it felt different this year. You could call it a life stage, or maybe it's just where my heart is before God. But after a few hours, I realized it wasn't going to be the same. Everything felt cold, even clinical, as though I was simply refabricating memories.

In times like these, I find solace in my favorite Bible verses. But even then, it...


Look at this guy...

Hell yeah. It's Spuds MacKenzie. He knows what to do. This is fantastic. Let's all party with Spuds. I'm serious, let's do it.

And he brought his guitar. Spuds MacKenzie is on the scene. He's gonna rock out. Just lay back and watch it unfold. The Merriweather boys will be so jealous when they learn of this.

Braaaaaoooowwwww... Spuds is putting his electric party fingers to use playing intense jams. There is no contending with him, since he knows precisely how to party.



Anonymous Thom said...

I wish Spuds McKenzie was running for president. I would totally vote for whichever candidate at least added him to their ticket.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

Judging from the last picture, I think he would be a good fit for the Ron Paul revolution.

4:17 PM  

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