Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democratic Convention - Cont'd

Sorry for the disambiguation here. Qwest sucks. More on that later.

Day 3

Nancy Pelosi is a horror. Tough on the eyes, and even tougher on the ears. She’s like Joan Rivers on meth, but with really stupid ideas about how to run the country in which she sincerely believes.

What’s the over/under on the number of Scranton references vs. Delaware references in Biden’s speech? I’m going with 7-2.

This is quite the hastily assembled montage. Some fellow mowing his lawn, Joe Biden kissing Obama’s forehead (what was that?), various middle class folks doing middle class things.

Beau Biden looks exactly like Mark Warner.

Expect to hear 1972 evoked rather frequently.

Joe Biden said “Delaware can find another Senator, but my boys can’t find another father.” Then took the Senate seat to which he was elected. So did his boys find another father, or what?

Scranton - 1 Delaware - 1

Joe Biden does that Bill Clinton thing with his lip. I had forgotten that he does that.

Five minutes in and Biden has managed to cuss and take the Lord’s name in vain

Scranton – 2 Delaware – 2

“As a child, as a child I stuttered.”


Scranton 3 Delaware – 2, I’m not giving him credit for Wilmington.

“Barack Obama could have done anything he wanted to, but what did he choose to do?”

Um, he became a lawyer. How noble.

Do University of Chicago students pat themselves on the back for having chosen to attend school in the South Side of Chicago?

He just pronounced Obama’s name wrong. I wonder how often he had to practice that.

Obama worked across party line to pass legislation forbidding terrorists to have nuclear weapons. Well there’s a profile in courage.

From Amtrak to Veterans?

The National Review notes that saying McCain favors tax breaks for oil companies is true, but it is true in the same sense that Barack Obama has favored tax breaks for the porn industry.

Biden’s cadence is akin to that of a college sophomore discussing politics at a keg party. “Barack Obama… Barack Obama… Let me tell you about Barack Obama… This guy. This… Is the guy… I’m talking solar power.:

For the record, all change is good, except climate change. That’s bad.

Barack Obama wants more troops now? That’s new. Serious question… What IS Barack Obama’s foreign policy? What is it that he wants to change?

Scranton 4, Delaware 2

Joe Biden says that Abraham Lincoln called us to embrace change. Actually, he ran on a platform of maintaining the status quo in the face of the southerners’ disastrous idea of change.

Hmmm… That speech was loud, but it wasn’t very good.

Uh-oh surprise guest… How meaningless have conventions become when the surprise guest is the friggin’ nominee???

I would have paid any amount of money if Obama had grabbed the mic and said “God bless America??? No, no, no, Joe Biden… God DAMN America.”

Instead, we get:

“If I’m not mistaken, Hillary Clinton rocked the house last night.” I suppose that isn’t as flippant as “God’s in the mix.”



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