Sunday, August 10, 2008

Monday Musings Swing Voter Edition

Hi everybody, my name is Susan. I met Kevin and his wife at Don Pablos. I asked him whether he liked Don Pablos, and he said it was an "egreejis salt on his anasthetic". I told him I liked it too, and he asked if I was an undecided voter. How did he know? Anyway, he asked if I would do his Monday Musings blog this week while he gets ready for a job interview.

I guess we can call it Sunday SUUUUsings... Ha, ha. I'm just kidding though. Well, I suppose I'll get started with a bumper sticker I saw. It says "Driver Does not Carry Cash: He is Married".

Oh my goodness, I laughed about that one for hours.


Can these gas prices get any higher? I have to drive from Lakeville to Maplewood every day (my husband works in St. Michael, so he's got it even worse!!!!)

I don't understand why Congress doesn't do something about gas prices. Our SUVs only get 16 miles to the gallon! Barack Obama has promised to lower gas prices. I'm glad SOMEONE'S listening in Washington...


My daughter Cindy wants me to move to Minneapolis near her when she goes to college. Um, I think that would be a bit much, though :) She likes the city because of all the late night coffee shops that she goes to every Friday and Saturday. She probably goes to those slam jam poetry fests they're always putting on!


My husband argues with me about whether Don Pablos is better than Chipotle. He likes Chipotle better, but I like my food more authentic. Our secretary Rosa is spanish, and she always orders their chimichanga, probably because it tastes just like food in her home country of Spain.


I suppose Kevin wants me to talk about politics. I don't know much about politics, but I do know that the war needs to end now. I support "the surge", and I definitely think we can win the war if we stay over there and take care of business, but I think we should bring our troops home.

Some people say we shouldn't have a timeline. That doesn't make any sense to me. I'm an office manager, and if I was allowed to work without a timeline, I'd be fired. I think President Clinton is doing a good job, but it is time for Bush to go! I don't know why Clinton picked him in the first place.


Sorry folks! I just had to vent. Maybe Kevin doesn't want someone with such strong opinions on his blog. Sorry to scare all his regular readers.


Is anyone else watching the Olympics! I have to admit, I'm addicted. I think it's amazing that we can watch events live even though they are happening in a completely different time zone! I guess it's always day in China this time of year, so it doesn't really matter when they have the events. They probably just schedule the American events during our prime time.


Well, that's all from me. This is kind fun. Maybe Kevin will let me blog every day! j/k (that means just kidding... My daughter taught me that...)


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Anonymous peter said...

Finally, a voice of reason in this crazy blogosphere of ours!

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Blogger old pappy from mississappy said...

You should post on here all the time my dear. At last, a scintilla of intelligence on this blog.

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