Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Musings

Belated edition due to fiercesome hot weather. But muse I must.

For those watching the Olympics, the good folks of "My Advocates" have been inundating us with advertisements. The ads are great, featuring a variety of shots from routine exams and surgeries, with doctors looking incompetent and terrified. And who are "My Advocates"? None other than Janet, Jenner and Suggs, your friendly local ambulance chasers.

This is exactly what we need. Patients fearing breast exams out of some misguided impression that doctors are regularly failing to adhere to the basic principles of medicine. Maybe they can sponsor a sequel to Patch Adams. I mean, would it kill doctors to cheer up? I can't think of anyone I hate more than doctors.


Speaking of bad advertisements, emergocrat pastor Brian McLaren's latest round of Obama pimping has him talking about how great Barack Obama's family is. The ad is a not so subtle allusion to McCain's failed marriage decades ago, so it's good to see that Christian leaders are finally tackling the real issues facing America. And I am glad we are now using biblical verses to brand presidential candidates.


Proposed Counterattack ad:

Barack Obama's Matthew 25 coalition believes that there should only be enough oil for half of virgins. John McCain supports offshore oil exploration, so that every virgin in America can keep her lamp lit.

And remember, the goats are on the left.

I'm John McCain and I approve this message.

College presidents at 100 campuses are encouraging lawmakers to consider dropping the drinking age from 21 to 18. That is awesome. Rodney Dangerfield was totally wrong about those guys.


Sack up, Georgia.


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