Sunday, September 07, 2008

Making fun of Dailykos

What do I like to do, people? Make fun of dailykos, that's what. Here an undressing of DarkSyde, one of their least literal pundist. Full text here. Generous responses below.
Can someone tell me what it is conservatives are so afraid will happen if Obama wins?

What a ridiculous way to begin a political argument. What are you so afriad will happen if McCain wins? Conservatives are afraid that the country will not be run conservatively, which is sufficient to oppose an Obama presidency.
They sure sound angry and terrified about the prospect, but why?

What is DailyKos, if not a bunch of angry people? Incidentally, the most common conservative reaction to Obama’s campaign is akin to Mario and Luigi’s approach to Bomb-ombs: Stay away while it’s flickering, and wait for it to explode. Afterward, collect coins.
It can't be that they're afraid women will be suddenly awarded the right of reproductive choice; women already have it and the GOP did nothing to change that when given the chance of a lifetime.

This talking point is my pet peeve. The chance of a lifetime would be a Supreme Court stacked against Roe. Conservatives will likely see this chance in their lifetime if McCain is made president. But DarkSyde is correct that conservative are not afraid that women will acquire reproductive rights that they already have. Good analysis, DarkSyde.
Fuel prices have tripled under the Republican reign, they seem fine with it, and so we have to assume that that worry is not a factor in the conservative calculus.

Allow me to reconstruct DarkSyde's syllogism:

1. Gas prices have tripled under Bush’s presidency

2. Blank

3. Conservatives are not worried about oil prices

4. Conservatives, therefore, do not worry.

In other words, DarkSyde cannot construct a syllogism even using a blank. If this were LSAT Scrabble, this dude would be headed to William Mitchell.
Nor can they be legitimately concerned that democrats will vastly increase federal spending

“Vastly increase” is hyperlinked to a 2006 USA Today article about unchecked spending. DarkSyde is eating his girlfriend’s chocolates on Valentines Day here. Either conservatives care about wasteful spending, and are hypocritical for supporting Bush, or they are not, and they are consistent in their support of Bush.
Maybe they're worried democrats will be vacationing, sound asleep at the switch, while the intel community frantically tries to warn them of a vast, pending terrorist attack that could kill thousands of innocent Americans.

First of all, you are supposed to capitalize “Democrats” when referring to the political party. Second, if we are talking about the same Democrats, I eagerly await their extended vacation.
What if progressive economic policies wrecked the economy, rocked Wall Street, caused hundreds of thousands of people to lose their homes and jobs, and turned over our national economic future to the tender mercies of fundamentalist Sunni Monarchs and the communist Chinese?

Allow me to dig one layer deeper into this particular party dip by evoking an sport’s cliche. You cannot stop China; you can only hope to contain it. This requires either economic compromises that make folly of our national ethos, or a full-scale pre-emptive war that makes folly of our national ethos. Of course, making folly of the national ethos is part and parcel of the national ethos, which renders soap-box speeches meaningless as a tool of persuasion here.
I guess that's what confuses a lot of voters:

DarkSyde’s explanation for Obama's tanking poll numbers just days after Obama’s vacuous convention speech. Voters are not confused. It’s just that most of them disagree with the fruitcakes at DailyKos.

Conservatives are worried that Democrats might do the same astonishingly lousy job Republicans have done for the last eight years.

No, we are worried that Republicans will do the same lousy job Republicans have done. We are convinced that Democrats elicit our astonishment.

To avoid even the possibility that that might happen, conservatives prescribe electing more members from the same crew who wrecked the country, in what is clearly to any lucid external observer the ridiculous and desperate hope that the same party will fix it all by continuing, uninterrupted, the same policies that produced the damage in the first place.

This is a remarkable trespass against the concept sentence structure by one who claims to advocate lucid external observance.
In the alternate reality fabricated by the seamlessly integrated conservative PR apparatus

Having partaken in the above, I have used a lot of terms to describe the conservative PR apparatus. “Seamless” has precisely four more letters than any of them.
this extension of the failed status quo is called change, in the rest of the world it's one of the better known definitions of insanity.

My kingdom for a semi-colon. Look, I respect John McCain. I think he is a great man who has accomplished much, and who espouses a generally strong set of ideas. Ordinarily this would be insufficient for me to muster up much conviction with respect to the outcome of this race.

And yet, I have more conviction than ever before. The Democrats have nominated someone who not only ascribes to a mediocre ideology, but who also lacks the basic fundamental intellect to defend his ideology on the world stage. Barack Obama is that disastrous blend of ideological excess and nubile politics. Frankly, it worries me that a major party would nominate a clown like Barack Obama.

The dude constructed a diplomatic approach to one-one one discussion on the fly in the midst of a primary debate. That’s insane. Conservatives are simply standing athwart this particular sliver of history, yelling “stop!”

It’s what we do, and there's nothing insane about it.


Anonymous Jesse said...

This is the same site who tried to link Palins baby with her daughter somehow, then took down the article when it came out her daughter was pregnant. They thought they were breaking a huge coverup. LOL.

Complete morons, capable of anything.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Thom said...

Well, it is a blogging community...not a news media website. Anyone can blog there...of course there will be crazies trying to start crap.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

Not anyone can blog there, and Darksyde has been one of the most frequent contributors.

9:57 AM  

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