Sunday, September 07, 2008

Monday Musings

I'm headed to Wisconsin. This is fantastic. Let's muse.


Caught Amazing Thailand (the stupidly-named Uptown restaurant, not the country) last night on a whim. It's one of those joints that serves more martinis and cream cheese puffs, with a by-the-numbers ambience and lots of very Thai-looking statues praying tableside.

That said, it was good. My wife's Pad Thai was done right, buoyant and refreshing rather than drowned with fish (or worse, peanut) sauce. I ordered the pumpkin curry (when in Rome) and was amused by the plating. The dish is served inside of the pumpkin. The gourd family is a good match for curry, and they were actually willing to make the dish reasonably spicy. Given the finger-meets-epiglottis state of Thai food in Uptown, you could certainly do worse.


The Los Angeles Times thinks Sarah Palin will be a hard sell in small towns. You know what else is a hard sell in small towns? The Los Angeles !@#$ing Times.

Let's see. Gallup shows McCain having pulled off an 11 point swing since the Palin nomination (from -8 to +3). Does the reporter suppose that the ticket is striking a chord with young urban college graduates?

Jed: You know, McCain is right. Obama isn't offering real change (slams down chopsticks).

Phil: Careful, you got Moroccan kabob in my eye.

Jed: The hell with Sarah Lawrence, I'm going with Sarah Palin. I'm going to Kansas to join jug band.


Jed: ......

Phil: Wanna join the same jug band?

Jed: Yeah, but let's not be gay anymore. Jesus wouldn't like it.

Phil: Good point. I'll go sell the Prius...

Jed: No we'll need that. I'll sell my Vespa.

Phil: ...

Jed: I thought you went to Bennington.

Speaking of small-town condescension, I just perused a London Times article about how Obama is missing the heart of America. This is nothing new. Londoners regards America as some sort of bizarre menagerie, wherein a teeming class of proles is exploited for power by politicians who ideology couldn't POSSIBLY find resonance with real people (else, why would Londonders disagree with it?).

At any rate, here is an excerpt:

"One can drive for miles in the dark past small towns illuminated only by the golden arches of McDonald’s, the olde worlde charms of prefab Cracker Barrels and those unchanging purveyors of nostalgia and fat, Denny’s and Dairy Queen."

Apparently, she hasn't experienced DQs blizzard of the month. Oreo Mint Splash is a change we can believe in. That said, if diversity of cuisine is the standard by which we ascertain the advancement of a culture, then London is downright precambrian. Shepherds pie is the culinary doppleganger to the trylobyte. And, um, speaking of nostalgia... Nice monarchy, London.


Of course, I find nauseous the very idea of Cracker Barrel, and I'm as conservative as they come. There's a lot London doesn't know about me, it turns out.


The DailyKos offers its take on John McCain's convention speech:

"He smiles so rarely during speeches that it is disconcerting; he does it with such a pained grimace that it is very nearly frightening."

I know, it's like somebody took a stick to him for years on end and fine muscle movements are difficult for that reason. If only McCain had that excuse...

The cat apparently found my McCain post to be high on histrionics. Fair enough, but the cat is dangerously out of control. We've seen it time and time again.


Incidentally, do you think the Obama campaign wanted to spend this week talking about loopy religious practices, inexperience, and his role as a community organizer? If I were him, I'd accuse somebody of racism sooner than later.


Folks on the left are already mocking Sarah Palin's church background. Lot's of stuff about snake-handling and speaking in tongues. You know, cause the left hasn't done enough to alienate everyone ever LAST week.

Here is an excerpt from the website of Wasilla Bible Church, where Palin attends:

"If you are visiting... You are free to remain as anonymous as you want to, but we encourage you to stop by the Information Desk in the foyer to pick up a gift bag containing more information about congregational life at WBC."

Sounds innocent enough. Unfortunately (cue Norm MacDonald voice), the gift bag is full of DEADLY POISONOUS SNAKES!!!!

Sarah Palin is a reformer. She is tired of all these m-----f------ snakes in her m-----f-----gift bag. Also, she lead a women's bible study on Tuesday.


Anonymous Thom said...

Oh come on...don't pretend McCain's smile is not a little creepy. When he smiled throughout the convention, it looked like he was uncomfortable and trying to remember his "smiling lessons". Not a reason to vote for Obama, of course...but we ought not pretend the man's smile looks natural and sincere.

6:29 AM  
Blogger Marc Conklin said...

You start with an earnest review of a Thai restaurant in the most liberal neighborhood of one of the most liberal metropolitan areas in the country (where you choose to live), and then you glorify those who live in small towns and happily eat nothing but fast food as "real people." The Contradiction That Is Kevin Sawyer is why read this blog.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Guy Incognito said...

Hey, he can still like "real people" and not be one of them. :)
I like turtles...

7:46 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...


Though I wouldn't have said to hell with Sarah Lawrence :)

8:49 AM  

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