Tuesday, September 02, 2008

RNC Day 1.24

Fred Thompson. Yay, Fred Thompson! Okay, that is all.


George H.W. Bush's son is giving a speech in support of McCain. That's a nice touch.

Seriously, though, he gives a good speech. How was this substantially worse than Obama's speech? I'd be interested to know.


So THAT'S why McCain didn't pick Lieberman. I mean, I have nothing but respect for his guts here, but this is the antithesis of a rousing speech. I mean, he isn't even a minority.


"Eloquence is no substitute for a record."

Damn right. It's no substitute for great oratory either.


Wow, he just tore the skin off Obama. Contrast him with Clinton? Never mind the above. This just got interesting. What's Bill going to do, disagree? Clinton was a lowlife, but he was a competent lowlife.


The dig on Lindsey Graham would be funnier if anyone knew who Lindsey Graham was.


I'm watching this on the MSS Fruitcake (MSNBC) and they are immediately criticizing the speech. Welcome to the unbiased media.


CNN Analysis: Some Democrats will be annoyed by this speech. Um, ya think? Democrats are annoyed at the very existence of an opposing party.

Sidebar: Is there anything that compares with the unhinged response to the nomination of Sarah Palin? I've searched for a similar response to Joe Biden, and I just can't find it. Do all my liberal friends go online and become screwballs by night? Like Batman in reverse? Seriously, someone on the left needs to tell these degenerate animals to stop.

Maybe an Obama loss would be sufficient to expunge the banana wing of the party, or to get them to join the green party. I dunno, something. I am tired of sharing Democracy equally with these people. Hand them over to the fringe, where they belong.


Speaking of which, CNN cuts to a weird shot of police lobbing explosives at protesters outside the convention. If only Chris Coleman went to such lengths to protect thirteen year old girls.


According to the polls, Obama is sitting at a 6-8% lead right now. That's the low end of where I expected he would be going into the RNC convention. At this point, this should be sufficient to predict a (very) slight advantage for McCain.

McCain will get a small boost from this convention, will likely win the debates, and has two arrows in his quiver for October. If I had to guess, he wins the popular vote by about 1.2%. The interesting thing is that both candidates could make the case that they should be much further ahead.


And CNN has launched into criticism as well. Anderson "Sexydolt" Cooper is doing his able best to arm the left with talking points. I'm not switching to Fox News. I'll grin and bear it.


The salient question going around now is whether people will embrace evacuation calls in the aftermath of thunderstorm Gustav. For those wondering why 800,000 National Guardsmen weren't in Louisiana in advance of Katrina, this is why. How many dollars has the government spent in preparation for this "hurricane". This does not exonerate any of the public officials who botched the response to Katrina, but it is worth noting that these things hit land literally every year.


Roland Martin is accusing the McCain campaign of being sensitive. He is telling them to defend their candidate without calling people sexist. That is rich coming from a political hack who finds EVERY reason to talk about race, and in fact was hired to provide a racial perspective.

I mean, he's right, but Obama's campaign has thus far amounted to "I'm black, you're racist, and I'm also black." It's about time the Republicans got to play the victim card.


Amy Holmes makes for a hell of a conservative pundit. Intelligent analysis on the fly, poise. I almost regret having to call her pretty. Alas, she is, and I can't help but notice.


David Gergen wonders when the the campaign will let Sarah Palin loose. Um, I could clock the answer to that question within about twenty seconds.


Obama and McCain have located some profoundly uninteresting spokesmen. Tucker Bounds and Robert Gibbs should start their own radio show. Suggested title:



"Crotchet time With Bounds and Gibbs."


Palin's tomorrow. This will be the biggest VP speech in American history, period. I couldn't imagine being in her shoes right now. There is a big part of me that wants her to do well. I wonder if this is merely partisan, or universal. I mean, not universal. Crazy people want her to flop, but I would have to thinks that Joe or Jane Doe is with me on this.



Blogger soup said...

If I could go on a date with anyone in the world it would be Amy Holmes.

Fred's speech was good. I think those southern sayings and metaphors play well.

Joe did more than I thought he would. Good for him.

Why does CNN need so many commentators? There are like 25.

Does anyone else think it's funny that the Anarchists and Revolutionary Communists protest together?

I think a ton of people will watch Palin tonight.

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I commend you on not resorting to changing the channel to FoxNews. I don't think there's anything on TV that brings me closer to considering voting Democrat than some of the hack pundits on FNC, I'm not naming names, coughHannitycough. One other note, I think it's iffy to assume that McCain will win the debates. McCain will have more substance and logic, but Hopeface will be eloquont, talk of 78 new programs to spend/waste taxpayer money, squit and gaze off into the bighter horizon, and middle America will eat it up. At the end of the day, middle America doesn't have much need for substance or logic, if you need proof, check out any major network primetime show that gets good ratings.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

People who watch debates fancy themselves politically savvy. They are primed to look past fluff, at least to some degree.

Plus, Obama and Biden's expectations are sky high. Everyone assumes that they will dominate their respective debates.

Off script, Obama sounds very much like George W. Bush. That's fine if your Bush, because nobody's expecting anything. But when you people are comparing you to William Jennings Bryan, you'd better back it up in a debate.

SNL will have a field day with all the "uh-uh-uh-uhs".

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Thom said...

"So THAT'S why McCain didn't pick Lieberman. I mean, I have nothing but respect for his guts here, but this is the antithesis of a rousing speech. I mean, he isn't even a minority."

Technically speaking, he is Jewish.

But yeah, when you made your pitch for him, I thought, "Has Kevin ever listened to the man give a speech"? It's like McCain saying, "Here Obama...I want YOU to take the office."

I liked how after the speeches, all the Republican leaders sounded like they were trying to pick fist fights about Obama with reporters. "Name one thing Obama has done that is worthwhile...just name ONE!" I worry that if McCain loses, we will see violence in the streets from old white politicians.

4:32 PM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

It's a fair enough question. America is considering electing a man who has accomplished nothing of consequence.

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Thom said...

It may be a fair question...but is it possible to ask a fair question without sounding like you are going to pull a gun out and shoot someone? I know Republicans love guns...but really...

6:27 AM  

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