Friday, September 05, 2008

RNC - Day 3.56

John McCain takes the stage...


You want a silky backdrop? Ask broadway. Or, at least, don't ask Republicans. What the hell happened here?


You want arrogance? Go with Barack Obama. He has it in spades.

You know what's funny? When Obama talks about being humbled by this or that, he sounds, frankly, like he was expecting this or that to happen to him. That is not humility, but rather entitlement. Nobody would accuse Obama of being humble.

Could anyone, on the basis of this opening, accuse McCain of being arrogant?


You want rhetorical flourish? Obama and flourish were meant for each other. Sarah Palin gave a great speech, but she didn't need flourish. Obama needs flourish the way an interior designer needs pink socks.


Or, alternately, the way R.T. Rybak needs fountains.


You want substance? Well, here's your substance. On energy, McCain is putting everything on the table. This isn't a battle for the hearts and minds of environmental ideologists. Everything should me on the table when it comes to energy independence.


You want peace? John McCain understands that diplomacy is meaningless without the power of our military. Has Obama even bothered to make this connection? Would he even know how to do so?


You want reliable? My friend Jamie noted that liberal rioters nearly killed her en route (hers, not the rioters) to see a movie. If a woman can't even feel safe going to see a movie, for fear of retribution from her political adversaries, then what does that say about the adversaries? What does it say about that for which her adversaries (ostensibly) stand?


You want rhetorical questions? Come back regularly. Rhetorical questions are in my wheelhouse, so to speak.


You want goody-goody gumballs about how awesome hope is? Vote Democrat. You want daffodils and candy canes? Apparently, (if I read the talking points correctly) Joe Biden is your man. Hopeface endures as the candidate of sanguine naivete.


You want a story? Let me tell you a story. When I was twelve years old, my father was arrested for a crime he didn't commit. He is still in prison for same.

You want sorrow? Watching your father go through a public lynching in your home state is sorrow. Watching the very epitome of your manhood die before your eyes, without your being given the right to grieve its death. That's sorrow.


You want character? That's a function the pain extracted on your own person. That's the deprivation of freedom. Unlike me, John McCain had a choice as to whether he extended his sorrow, and he opted for character.


You want conviction? If I could have my father back, I would reflexivly embrace the opportunity. I would trade or compromise just about anything in life to do so. My sorrow is overbearing, and I have not chosen the character to be virtuous in its face. McCain's conviction has made virtue of his sorrow.

That, folks, is the measure of a man.

If you want a poet, an orator, a dude with rockstar qualities to match is rockstar ambitions, then you have my blessings to vote for Barack Obama. You want fluff. He wants fluff. It's a happy confluence. Live deep and suck the marrow rich of that calf's corpse.


You want character? You want change? You want a !@#$ing man? Vote John McCain.

Breakfast is on me.


Anonymous Thom said...

You I watched, I was not impressed through almost the entire thing. I felt like the fake "I'm A Maverick!" stuff that worked better when he had been making stands against government spending and challenged Democrats and Republicans alike. What was surprised me was the curve ball of the last ten minutes or so where it got really good.

I still think it is a toss up between two candidates who will screw something up big in office, and neither worse than the other...the country will survive either one about the same...but that was a smashing finale for McCain's speech.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Mike Payne said...

Hey Kevin,
Just wanted to share one comment on McCain's speech which you pointed out in your post.

"You want substance? Well, here's your substance. On energy, McCain is putting everything on the table. This isn't a battle for the hearts and minds of environmental ideologists. Everything should me on the table when it comes to energy independence."

Between the two candidates, only Obama supports an "everything is on the table" approach to energy policy.

Obama supports investments in Nuclear energy and in offshore drilling, however they are not central to his policy. Additionally, Obama's inclusion of offshore drilling is limited ("targeted" is a better term) and with good reason.

The McCain energy plan focuses on two points, offshore drilling and nuclear power. These two are the crux of the McCain energy plan. However, there are big problems with each of these:

1. Economists have widely agreed that a) offshore drilling will not have an impact on domestic gas prices for at least 7 years and b) that even then, offshore drilling will only have a 1% to 2% impact on domestic oil prices.

Question: What will McCain do to lower gas prices at the pump in the 7 years that we'll wait for that 1% to 2% price reduction?

2. Nuclear power plants take 5-7 years of development and construction before they go online.

Question: Hell, even if they went online instantly-- when was the last time you filled up your gas tank with Nuclear energy? How does Nuclear Energy have any effect on the 250,000,000 internal combustion cars currently on the road?

Both candidates, McCain and Obama, fail to make a vital distinction in their energy plans. Here it is-- America does not have an energy crisis, America has a FUEL crisis.

America is bleeding coal. Its fucking everywhere. We have more proven recoverable coal resources than any other country in the world, with Russia and China at a distant second and third. ( We have enough coal to run our electric grid for centuries.

Fuel energy, on the other hand, is in a severe crisis. Our country, our economy and national security have been decimated in the last seven years by our addiction to foreign oil. Without our addiction to oil, we wouldn't have had the mess in the middle east and its blowbacks (9/11), wars (Iraq, possibly Iran) and otherwise. In fact, we will send more than $500 billion to OPEC countries which hate us in 2008-- which is more than our defense budget for the year ($485 billion).

The McCain plan will do nothing-- NOTHING to address this for 7 years, and once their plans have come into effect, we'll only see a slightly marginal improvement. Unfortunately, this improvement will have already been eclipsed by our projected increase of consumption in 7 years.

Backing up, there is only one presidential candidate who has an "everything is on the table" approach to energy policy. Barack Obama. Senator McCain does not support biofuels. McCain is against biofuels. Biofuels are American made based on American technology. This growing technology has the potential to represent a sizeable percentage of America's fuel in the near future, enough to force OPEC into lowering oil prices to compete. Enough to provide an even greater impact on fuel prices than it already has (ethanol blends save Americans between $.16 and $.40 per gallon at the pump, around $.39 in your current home state).

McCain does not support biofuels. He is against biofuels. How, then, is "everything on the table"? Only one candidate supports EVERY option for good, strong, American energy. And his plan has nothing to do with pleasing environmentalists. Barack Obama is the best candidate for energy (and its related impacts on economy and security).

Now I know many would recite the common Republican talking points about Biofuels (although your own Chuck Grassley and John Thune can tear those talking points down). If you'd like, I'd love to have a "blog debate" about biofuels if you're against them, which you'd be welcome to publish here. We could do so by email.

Going even further, I'd cherish the opportunity to debate anyone on McCain's failed energy plan, and how Obama's is the absolute best option for our energy future.

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Mike Payne said...

Oh, and in case you want to take a look at the Obama Energy Speech in full, outlining his plan, here 'tis:

11:48 PM  

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