Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Silly Season

As anyone following politics knows, Hopeface is reeling, to the degree that the Senator felt compelled to devote some of his smile session with David Letterman to an ill-advised comment about lipstick and pigs. His performance was winsome. Like our current president, Obama is most comfortable one on one, making small talk in an environment where a candidate can say "uh" all he pleases.

And so the bleeding is stopped, but it was a nice ride.

For conservatives, the whole show has been fun to watch. Obama's precious little victim card has been torn up and tossed back in his face, and America at large has been re-acquainted with Keith Olbermann and the DailyKos set. As an added bonus, we were the beneficiary a war against an HIV-infected leather fetishist and a hockey mom. As I said, is been fun.

But this is not the goal. The goal is not to get Obama to make bizarre comments about wrapping fish (was that a botched scriptural reference?) or to poke a stick at Obama's slavish media. The goal is to advance an ethical ideology that will provide the baseline approach for all of the important initiatives associated with the presidency.

Don't get me wrong. Negative campaigning and cheap shots are part of the game. Heck, complaining about the other candidate's negative campaign has become a cheap shot in and of itself.

But the purpose of winning the mudslinging battle does not lie in the hope that the mud will stick, and ultimately sink the other side. In politics, you don't knock a guys teeth out so that he'll die from blood loss; you do it so that he cannot bite you. The goal is to create an unfiltered forum for an ideological platform. If the American people think Barack Obama is sexist (he isn't, and neither are his opponents racist), then McCain is free to make an unadorned case for his ideas about lobbying reform, the war in Iraq, tax cuts et al.

Obama's Letterman performance was amiable, but safe. He is back to square one, re-establishing himself as a nice guy who will represent those voters who want a change of pace. It was a toothless performance with lots of toothy grins.

Barack Obama called this the silly season in politics. For John McCain, it should be anything but. Now is the time to hit the airwaves with a specific policy agenda that reflects an uncompromising conservative stance.

To this end, Sarah Palin has a magnificent opportunity. On this anniversary of the September 11 attacks, her son goes to war, and she will come before the media. Stinging rhetoric served her well when she was establishing herself against gratuitous attacks from unfavorable news media.

As happens so infrequently in politics, people are willing to listen to the substance of her ideology. She should leave the pit bull at home. He's not needed here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, what an insult to pigs. I mean really...comparing such a noble animal to the likes of Sarah Palin.

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