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Debate one-offs 10/15

Okay, last chance McCain. You've let this putz get away with his colloquialisms and his pragmatic sounding, gaseous nonsense. As Dennis Miller said tonight, you were in a POW camp for 2.5 years and said "stick". You are smarter than this twit, and you possess character.

Put a foot in Hopeface's smug, ivy-league educated, puckered little ass. Don't talk to me about how we're going to turn things around or about how we're gonna make everything hopeful for the better bridge to tomorrow. Don't play nice. America is set to elect the most ideological, incompetent fruitcake in American history solely because he is lucky enough to be one-half black. Take the gloves off.


Comments below...


Is McCain suggesting that Americans are angry? It would seem so.


You know, not every person who makes less than $200k is middle class. Some of them are simply bums.


I thought McCain was going to hit Obama on the "redistribution" line, but he instead references it obliquely, missing the money line. The key is that Obama thinks redistribution is better for the economy, which is (to say the least) a minority position in America.


"We're talking about Joe the plumber", not Warren Buffet. Right. And he's making precisely the right point on corporate taxes. Denmark has some of the highest taxes anywhere, unless you are Microsoft, or some other corporation. That's how you win business.


"I am not President Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have done so four years ago." That's a good line.


Obama wants to hit McCain for his supporters, and wants to ignore it come debate time. McCain won't let him. Maybe he'll seem rude, but whatev.

McCain asks him to come clean on Ayers. Obama does not. He does not even come close to coming clean on ACORN. The boot is in his ass, and it hurts.


Oh, good. Biden is from Scranton again. What does Rep. Murtha think of Scranton?


"It's time we had that Bresh of Freth Air!"

In a way, it's more true than if he hadn't stumbled on the pronunciation.


Here's the problem for McCain. How do you debate someone who is manifestly pretending to be something he is not? Obama is running on a platform that is indistinguishable from McCain's. The difference is that McCain will endeavor to execute his platform, while Obama will abandon his on January 21. Bill Clinton did the same thing until Newt Gingrich scared him back to the center.


WIND! TIDE! NATURAL GAS! Sounds like an ad for Pepto Bismol.


By the way, specifically taking on ethanol subsidies is completely right.


Ah yes, we are going to improve health care while reducing health care costs. This is a reasonable thing to believe.


Joe the plumber is a nice little gift to McCain, isn't he?


Suddenly, there is no fine for not providing healthcare? Okay. Only large businesses have to pay? Yeah, no loopholes there.


Obama's criticism of McCain's health care plan is a weird combination of dishonesty and ignorance. McCain is not proposing to offer a $5k credit in lieu of $12k in health coverage. That is ridiculous, but who is going to call him on it? The paleomedia is simply going to assail McCain for "being negative".

Either way, health care isn't going to change under Obama.


McCain is touting his "Gang of 14" experience, and taking Obama to task on it. Obama will give a BS response. I guarantee it.


Obama thinks that the most important test for any judge is that they are able to apply justice. That is not banal at all.

Obama claims that abortion is a moral decision. He also says that reasonable people can disagree. If it is a moral decision, then this cannot be true.


McCain is raising Obama's pro-infanticide stance. Let's see what banality Obama resorts to here. Obama is going with the "it undermined Roe v. Wade" tack. It did not do so. At all.


"Nobody's pro-abortion".

Bullshit. Planned Parenthood is not only pro-abortion, but profits from it. Obama wouldn't even protect babies who had been born. He voted to let them die. If that isn't pro-abortion, then there is no pro-abortion.


The last question is about education. Our education system is atrocious. Ayers or no Ayers, Obama presided over the $160 million dollar Annenberg Challenge. In the final analysis, the Challenge had no impact on results.

I'm probably alone on this, but I think we should have fewer college students. Our colleges have become an intellectual wasteland. It's time to cull the herd here.


"We need to find bad teachers another line of work."

That is the most refreshing piece of honesty I have heard in this campaign. That said, I'm not sure Marie Abele, in her advanced age, has the capacity to teach all of Richfield High School.


That said, McCain is doing some great work defending vouchers. I am inclined to think that team McCain has won all of these debates, but this was the strongest performance by far. It comes at a time when Obama's lead is as weak as it has been two weeks.

But what do I know. I'm just a racist guy who doesn't understand why a man who has achieved nothing ought to be president.


Anonymous HB said...

The debate snap polls have spoken, Obama has won again. Or was it ACORN who managed these snap polls? The greatest voter fraud "in history"? Oh shit, after Florida 2000 and the entire history of gerrymandering... Still, nice thought though.

McCain. Loses.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous mike payne said...

also, this was my favorite: "has achieved nothing"

You and me, Kevin. I respect the hell out of your opinions with basketball. I read your thoughts and, frankly, look up to what you say in regards to that sport. I come here to your blog for comedy, nothing short of it. Its almost like you're really a liberal playing a conservative for comedy, like you're doing it just to get a rise, stating sorry talking points and ineffectual concepts. I love it. Its my semi-weekly humor.

That said, it'd be fun if you and I had our own little debate, issues only, about what what is most important for our next president. We could do it via IM, and you could post the result here on your blog.

I should note, however, that I would own you like a little bitch when it comes to policies, both foreign and domestic. Granted, I'd love for you to prove me otherwise.

What do you think-- mano y mano? Let's do a fun little blog on politics.

-Mike Payne-

11:48 PM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...


Snap polls cannot, by definition, say anything. The Florida thing is a canard.


Game on. Select the time and format, and we'll go from there.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous mike payne said...

Sweet :) Kind of exciting. I'm available on google talk or AIM pretty much any time throughout the day. It might make sense for us to develop a list of questions to talk about beforehand. Any thoughts on a third party to develop those? I'm okay if its a friend or reader of yours, otherwise it'd just be you and I barking about nothing. Thoughts?


Here are my thoughts:

1) Mortgage Crisis

2) War on Terror

3) Domestic Energy / Enegy Independence

4) Future Economy

my email address is the





feel free to email me there to proceed.

12:42 AM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

My e-mail to you bounced back.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Christine said...

Sometimes I forget we went to the same high school.

I wasn't in honors English or NHS, but I was Ms. Abele's assistant for my last two years of high school. Seeing her name again made me smile.

(Insert political remark)

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts, mainly because I find comfort in the brand of saneness found within; less kids in college, a person should be able to tie their shoes if they want to vote, a presidential candidate should be qualified and presidential and more than a hollow suit etc. Maybe I just find solace that I'm not the only racist who believes "The One" to be a vacuous and odious twit.

3:58 PM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

For the record, I do write this blog, principally, to entertain. When I liveblog a debate, I am looking for opportunities to make humorous jabs, or offer interesting commentary.

This was not a serious attempt to engage the issues. If it looks like the Republican talking points, well, I can't imagine advocating fewer college students is on message for any candidate.

This blog should never be considered canon w/r/t the conservative cause. If you want that, read Charles Krauthammer. I've interviewed Beaker twice. Beaker is a muppet, and a mute on at that. That should be everyone's cue not to take this all too seriously.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Tracey said...

Beaker's healthcare package, however, is absolutely brilliant.

I hear he's also responsible for fixing the economy by making gas so darn cheap! Nothing is wrong!

Thank you, Kevin. Thank you, Beaker.

6:01 PM  

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