Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Debate one-offs

Candidates debate! Democracy hangs in the balance! Kitten's may have hope! Let's roll.

-Alan Schaefer is a swing voter out of central casting. Seriously, have of the audience is completely bald. Baldness = gravitas when it comes to swing voting.

- Obama claims that everyone knows we are in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Obama, apparently, does not remember the Carter administration. How apropos.

- Obama's first step toward reviving the economy starts with the bailout package. Archery and hurricane rehabilitation programs and all.

- Obama supports middle class tax cuts, or so he says. McCain really should bring up a similar promise by the last Democratic nominee.

- McCain appears as though he is going to kiss Alan Schaefer. This could potentially be a very awkward moment.

- Tom Brokaw demands time limits! Tom Brokaw will not be denied!

- McCain has shiny hair. Obama's is lilted and gray from excessive smoking.

- Obama says Nashville pays $3.80 for gas. Not true.

- Curious quote of the night "John F. Kennedy promised we'd get to the moon, but we didn't know how." And so, Obama promises the moon, but has no idea how to get it for us. He's-a-thinkin-a-somethin'.

- Obama says he intends to go line-by-line through budgets and eliminate wasteful spending. That sounds like a line-item veto which, of course, Obama opposes.

- Obama makes random hay about Bush's urge to continue shopping. There was good reason for that, insofar as there was serious concerns of money-hording.

- Obama implies that teachers (in addition to being women) make less than 35k per year. This, of course, is myth. Teachers make more than this, on average, and much more when one factors in summer vacation.

- Tom Brokaw has a good sense of humor. Humble and reasonable, with plenty of self-deprecating humor, I really liked it.

- McCain asks for an up-or-down vote on SS and Medicare reform. This is a good talking point that he should push harder than he has.

- McCain is winning the domestic portion of this debate, and demonstrably so. Prediction: the press will report precisely the opposite.

- Obama says drilling is important. Well, that's a flagrant lie.

- On healthcare, Obama awkwardly fumbles at populism by promising eliminate the burden of fillintg out forms in triplicate. I had knee surgery last year, and spent all of 15 minutes filling out forms. Seems reasonable, what with the fact that I was having surgery and all. What is difficult about filling out forms? If you can't fill out your own address, then I don't want you to have healthcare. Call it Darwin at work.

- The lefties mocked Palin for droppin' her 'G's. Obama has been dropping mad 'G's tonight.

- Obama notes that earmarks aren't a big deal, since they only cost $18 billion per year. That's a terrible case to make.

- McCain is supporting a $300 billion package to work with homeowners to refinance bad loans. This is common sense. Unfortunately, it was common sense one yar ago, when McCain should have been pushing the initiative.

- Obama notes that banks have flocked to Delaware, thanks to the state's famous tax shelters. Of course, they have also made use of a certain famous Democrat who pretends to reside there.

- Iraq doesn't have a $79 billion surplus. This is myth.

- Why are there tape marks all over the floor? Neither candidate has adhered to the taped boundaries. It makes the set look awfully cheap.

- According to Obama, he never threatened Pakistan. His plan? To, um, threaten Pakistan.

- Obama notes that Iran imports gasoline, and that we can cut off the supply. No. Iran imports gasoline because domestic subsidies render it so. But that's a complicated thing, and Obama knows it. Hence the talking point.

- Again, McCain wins, and does so with his most successful debate to date. Evenutally, winning debates will translate into votes. That said, Obama has carefully avoided a Dukakis-level gaffe. Talking about nothing wins votes, apparently.

How do you think the debate went?


Anonymous Guy Incognito said...

I think you failed to mention the best moment of the debate: the very end, when Obama and McCain met in the middle, and were totally blocking Brokaw's teleprompter, and for a few seconds you had this great shot of the two candidate's backs, with Tom Brokaw leaning and ducking and trying to look between them. It was great! :D

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friends, my friends, my friends... that one!

How do I think the debate went?
Two guys spewing half-truths for 90 minutes while proposing things that will never happen. Same as most debates.

Like Bush, McCain speaks as though he is adressing children. I find it off-putting.

8:42 AM  

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