Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It should be hard to vote

Having endured a litany of Obama supporters banging on my door over the last few weeks (ah, the joys of living in the zip code as a slum) and reading the myriad articles about ACORN's usual round of voter fraud, I've come to a conclusion.

It should be hard to vote.

Not hard in a way that any reasonable person would find hard. I think everyone should be able to provide ID, sign in, and do their constitutional thing. I could be persuaded to support a voting holiday. Any able bodied citizen should be able to vote, and any disabled person should be provided the means to do so. And no, students of Bennington college, a hangover is not a disability.

However, those who can't make it to the polls because they're, oh, say, dead of a crack overdose? Maybe their vote shouldn't count afterall.

How to prevent this from happening? Have people show IDs before voting. Common sense? Yeah, unless you are trying to rig an election for "that one".

The only real reason we have laws that allow people to register and submit votes without proving their identity or bothering to showup is twofold.

1) Members of the military fighting abroad should rather obviously have the right to vote, and should have the means to do so quickly.

2) Everyone else who would need such hand-holding is probably a Democrat.

Ever met an adult who does not have a photo ID? They are either under the age of 21, homeless, crazy, in prison, stoned, or all of the above. I don't need to tell you which lever this particular demographic hodgepodge pulls come November.

The kids should prove their dedication to this country by getting off their ass and at least getting a college ID (valid, IIRC, in all 50 states). Put down the controller and step away from the Xbox...

Those who cannot do so, and those who cannot read addresses and bus schedules, find polling places, and perform other everyday tasks that result in a vote being cast? Great people. God's creatures. I'm sure some of my cousins are in the same position...

But stay the hell away from my Democracy.

As it stands, we have Obama's fraudsters (this guy makes JFK look like Elliot Ness) out registering these people in droves. Not droves of people mind you, but literally registering crazy Bobby 50 times in exchange for a slice of veggie pizza. In many states, these people can mail-in ballots (helpfully addressed and stamped by ACORN employees) along with their registrations. Don't worry, we'll sort that all out after the election.

I grew up steeped in the civil rights movement more than most kids my age. I bristle at the notion of poll taxes and literacy tests. But being able to vote means being able to vote.

And the next time an Obamabot shows up at my door to try to register my to vote, I'm answering the door naked... AND taking time to register.


Anonymous Roger said...

My state's too down and out to even show on ACORN's radar.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umm... do Republicans ever commit fraud when it comes to the vote?

5:25 PM  

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