Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Brit Hume

Is going Dan Rather on this situation. His main point of contention is that his correspondents are leaving him stranded into the commercial break. He is lecturing his audience on the concept of vamping. Also, Fox News is accidentally calling Ohio for Obama, which seems impossible, but eerie.

I'll take the time to note that David Axelrod is taking victory laps, congratulating (essentially) himself on having run a great campaign. Has this been a great campaign? Barack Obama is an attractive black man, with a minimal record to have to defend in traditional red states. And yet this is certainly no landslide.

Why is a state like Ohio a mystery? Why hasn't he take Virginia by storm? Gains in Indiana are understandable, given that there were plenty of votes to plunder in trashbin cities like Gary, which were obviously going to go for Obama.

But do can liberals conclude, at this point, that anyone is interested in their ideas? Reigning in Wall Street is as popular as ever, but Obama has still been forced to run as a tax-cutter. If this were the sort of victory that liberal ideologues could build upon, shouldn't we see some support for liberal ideas?

But yeah, Brit Hume. Going nuts.


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