Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Musings - End of 2008 Edition

It's Monday time! It's Monday time! Everybody buy stocks and support the economy!

Shame on Israel for spontaneously deciding to go to war with Hamas for no reason. As a faithful New York Times subscriber, I am outraged that we would allow these people to kill innocent (and, for the most part, adorable) Palestinian Christians out of malice.

On an unrelated note, I do not know what propoganda is, and I am unsure of how to discern whether I have swallowed it whole. I went to Bennington College.


At last, the worst franchise in the history of sports has no produced the worst team in the history of football. God bless you Detroit Lions, we knew you could do it... No, seriously, we all knew this was coming in our lifetimes. Believe me, there was no question whatsoever as to whether a Lions team would go winless in my lifetime.

I only wish Matt Millen had been around to see it.


At least the owners of the Lions can rely on the preservation of their legacy through their namesake car company. Wait, the Lions are owned by Hazuki Toyota Jr., right? What? Ohhhhhh.....


Seriously? Caroline Kennedy? This is the change we've been waiting for? A rich chick who can't even be bothered to vote? Granted, Kennedy is an Ivy League educated trust-fund baby from Manhattan who went to law school and has never had a real job, so she'll be a hit with the base of the Democratic party. In all respects, she is the anti-Palin.


Screw this year... I'm ready for next year. Bring it on, Dick Clark...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Kevin! All the best to you. May the Obama policies help even you in spite of yourself! Go Obama

5:40 AM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

What do you think of this show the Democrats are putting on in Chicago? I may be too cynical by far but I think that Gov. Blagojevich was very conveniently arrested before he could actually sell the Senate Seat. Had he completed the transaction, could there be any course but for a special election and a Republican likely taking the seat? Instead we have supposed confusion, consternation and a looming constitutional crisis with the backdrop of Harry Reid’s tiny rage. And, of course, the obligatory throwing down of the race-card by a former Black Panther congressman. I think this is all a show for us in the cheap seats.

1:23 PM  

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