Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday Musings

I've seen filth that you wouldn't believe. I don't even want to talk about it. Let's muse.

I am a Christian, but I can fully understand why nobody takes Christians seriously. It's like there's a never-ending rainbow of Christian stupid the churns out frivolity like M&M's. The latest, from the religion that gave you Michael W. Smith and Christian coffee shops, is an environmentally friendly "Green Bible".

You know how some bibles have Christ's teaching in red letters? This one has all God's words about taking care of creation in green! And what is green about reproducing a 1,000+ page text that virtually everyone owns, modifying only the font color of 0.1% of it? Wouldn't its be greener to achieve the same effect with, I dunno, a website and a highlighter?

Don't ask us. We're Christians, and unaccountable to reason. For !@#$'s sake...


Let's see, the state of Indiana has banned smiling in drivers license photos, and our congress is set to dispense $15 billion to Hoffa Inc...

Here's a hint. If you are expecting government to navigate a solution to this present predicament, you are waiting for Godot, my friend.


On the license thing, apparently the goal is to help facial recognition software compare new photos to old ones on file. But what if you were smiling in the last photo? I do get amusement from the idea that everyone will someday be required to maintain the same facial expression in all photography under the guise of preventing identity theft. Also, no whining about your chocolate rations.


This, from the comment thread on the aforementioned story...

Phillip: Would you really have anything to smile about if you lived in Indiana?

John: Yes, you could be living in Michigan.


Conservatives seem relieved that Obama is nominating relatively moderate Clinton retreads to his cabinet. Some thoughts on that. First, those folks never had to deal with a recession. Second, their ineptitude w/r/t terrorism gave us two attacks on the World Trade Center (spare me the revelation that the latter attack happened during the Bush administration).

I suppose I can take solace in the fact that Obama at least recognizes that he can't govern as an unabashed radical and still get re-elected. Nonetheless, it is easier to shepherd left-wing policies to fruition with a centrist poker face. Given the willingness of Republicans to devour feces, I am not optimistic that the party is ready to present a united front anytime soon.


That said, Obama should be careful what he wishes for with Shinseki. The left no doubt considers this vindication for a true hero who stood up to the Bush administration on the war. The reality is that Shinseki grandstanded and allowed falsehoods to become hagiography. Such offenses have a way of repeating themselves. Just sayin'...


Blue Ridge Mountains is my favorite song right now. Neither here nor there, but do take a gander at the Fleet Foxes self-titled album.



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That's just terrible. Give me the BLOOD, man! The BLOOD of JEEESUUUS. Not those lefist, communist greenie meanies. Red blood for red states!

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