Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Musings

The amazing thing about Minnesota in late January is that literally nobody in the state is happy. That's hard to do. Let's muse together...

An Amsterdam court of appeal has ordered that Geert Wilders, a member of parliament, be criminally prosecuted for hate crimes. Mr. Wilders had the audacity to criticize Islam (big no-no in Europe), comparing the Koran to Mein Kampf. A couple of observations.

1) He is being awfully unfair to Hitler in this comparison.

2) Yikes.

3) It's worth mentioning that Obama's base, those millions of people who flocked to DC to watch him on jumbo-tron, regard Amsterdam as Mecca.


Ever notice how certain folks go out of their way to find peculiar spellings and pronunciations of Arab and Muslim things and places. You can tell a lot about a person's regard for himself by the way he spells Muslim (or Moslem) or pronounces Qatar (or Qat'r).

In most instances, neither is incorrect. But I think some people opt for the more "foreign" spelling in an attempt to assert their superior understanding of the culture.

On pronunciation, you can also tell how one regards himself by how he chooses to emphasize syllables. Pretentious people tend to front load their words, and never treat more than one syllable with equal emphasis. I remember an NPR (the queen mother of pretense) doing a story on robotics. The reporter refused to simply call robots "robots". Instead, they were"ROWbuts".

If Ah(chchch)madineja(aaa)d were ever to send ROWbut warriors to Qat'r under the guise of Hez(zz)bolla(aaa)h, I'll go BAAAAnuhnuhs.


Obama has released some memos. Is this the 21st-century equivalent of the fireside chat?

Anyway, he wants the federal government to help automakers make relevant cars by increasing emissions standards. Let's see, the last time government tried to force auto manufacturers to make relevant cars, we got the SUV, which many found relevant indeed.

But I will simply assume this plan won't have any negative repercussions.


The Mall of America has decided it won't ask legislature for free money this year. Instead, they'll wait until 2013. That said, the legislature has allowed the city of Bloomington to levy taxes to help pay for the mall. So, if you own a store that isn't in the mall, then you have to pay money to keep your competition afloat. Sounds great.



Blogger Sir Omer said...

You left out the most pretentious-o-metric word of the past six years: Iraq.

"irr-ack" is the majority view, and you'll hear it on NPR about 25% of the time. But most of the time they opt for the more snobbish "irr-awk," as does Obama and other culture-warrior elites. However, you will never hear from their mouths the Miss Teen South Carolina "EYE-rack".

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot Barack Obama's favorite: "Pockystonn".


7:31 AM  

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