Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guest Columnist: An Apple Valley housewife

It's about time Congress got something done! After years of talking, and never doing, Congress is finally getting around to spending.

For those who aren't "in the know", since the 2008 elections, Barack Obama (I voted for him! Sorry Sarah Palin!) has helped Congress raise $825 trillion in stimulus for the economy. Finally, we can get back to funding things like education and healthcare.

The best part? They are going to do it while CUTTING taxes. So that's like we all get double.

Republicans opposed the plan. What else is new with them? They're probably just mad that they didn't think of doing a stimulus. I think it's time they stopped catering to the corporate fat cats and listened to regular Americans.

I mean, seriously. We have a housing crisis. People are losing their jobs, the auto industry is dying, and we're at war with almost every country I have ever heard of.

My daughter Cindy is in her sixth year at the University of Minnesota. How is she going to pay her student loans when she graduates? Not with a degree in "The Politics of Bridal Fashion", that's for sure. This stimulus plan will help pay her debts by creating meaningful jobs. The Republicans would rather just ship our jobs overseas.

What a refreshing change from all the partisan gridlock we've had. Probably the only thing the Republican Congress did last year was give itself a pay raise. Well, the Democrats are giving the working man (or woman :P) an $825 trillion pay raise AND the jobs to pay for it.

I'm telling everyone I know to write their congressman and thank them for supporting the stimulus. Not that they need the support. Just yesterday, I tried to call Jim Ramstad's office, and the phone-lines are so jammed that the number was disconnected! I didn't even know that could happen.


Marjorie Bjornson


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Some apeman on a beach somewhere is shaking his head and saying : "Oh Shit, there goes the planet".

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