Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Musings

I'm not like those harsh astringents that can actually clog your pores. Let's muse.

Barack Obama wants to digitize medical records, stating that doing so will reduce health care costs and improve patient outcomes. I will simply assume health care providers were unaware of the benefits, and have made no effort to streamline patient information.

I am also pleased that Obama's plan will create jobs in the specialized healthcare technology field. Finally, these people will be in demand.

Maybe Obama will also be the first to realize that traffic is a problem. I hear there's a civil engineer in Tuscaloosa who was unemployed for a week three years ago.

The Detroit auto show (yeah, it's still around) awarded its car of the year honor to the Hyundai Genesis. The "luxury" vehicle starts at $32,000. On what planet are people willing to pay $32,000 (or more like $48,000, if you want "luxuries" like air conditioning and seats) for a Hyundai?


Israel's critics in the press are fond of evoking New Testament terminology in trumpeting the Palestinian cause. Israel, we are informed, is extracting an "eye for an eye", rather than "turning the other cheek". Taking these exegetical abortions at face value, these references serve two purposes:

1) To subtly reinforce the fact that the Israelis are Jews. After all, they killed Jesus for commending them to turn the other cheek. What else should we expect?

2) To avert the question of what, precisely, Israel is supposed to do in the face of a steady drumbeat of attacks by the ELECTED PARTY OF THEIR OPPRESSOR.

Conveniently enough, the eye and cheek passages offers no admonishment to the aggressor. In this warped pseudo-literalist theology, the aggressor can lay claim to the moral high ground. After all, Hamas took an eye, and has every right to expect a cheek (and a coat, while you're at it).


Eagles versus Cardinals. Warner vs. McNabb. There's a stellar matchup... If it's 2002.

Incidentally, did you know that the Philadelphia Eagles are named after the Blue Eagle. The Blue Eagle was a symbol used to signify compliance with FDR's (completely unconstitutional) National Industrial Recovery Act. Owners and shopkeepers who did not display the symbol were subject to arrest. Yikes. This is why I vote Republican, people.

Also, Donovan McNabb is only in the NFC Championship because he's black.


I'll have more to say about Gran Torino (which is excellent, btw) later. But I did want to note some information I read in the film's press materials. The screenplay was written by a Minnesota native, and was originally set in St. Paul. Alas, filming moved to Detroit on account of the city's film production discount.

I have heard the claim that the Twin Cities will remain alluring to companies in a recession. Our parks, university system and charm outweigh the high cost of doing business. Strike one against that theory. We're talking Detroit, here, people. No charm, universities or parks there. Money talks, whether you are willing to pay for a better Minnesota or not.


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