Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Musings


Let's muse....


Of course, on this day, we should not forget the many other brave leaders who have transformed this nation. Those whose courage and conviction united our country, making this little Democracy experiment a success.

In completely unrelated news, R.T. Rybak has announced that he will run for re-election this year. Suggested slogan: "Performance doesn't matter."


Rapper DMX is complaining that his pink uniform is ridiculous. Um, no. Ridiculous is naming yourself DMX, having eight kids, and leaving drugs, guns, and three dead dogs (?!) in your house for the police to find. Contextually speaking, the pink uniforms are rather apropos.


I pride myself on being the first blogger (that I know of) to whine about the imminent journalism bailout. Over at HuffPo, Monroe Price offers a not at all disturbing vision of what this might look like. He writes:

So the time is ripe for rethinking the First Amendment as a positive call for
non-market support of a meaningful journalism.

Constitution doesn't say it? Just rethink it! That's liberalism in a nutshell. His proposed solution?

Here's an example: bring down the price of the Kindle or Sony Reader to under $25 and make the devices universal delivery systems for local and national papers; have each Kindle default-programmed to receive one of several competing national digital papers and one local paper, building in an annual fee for a newspaper fund that is billed to the holder of the low-cost or free apparatus.
So in exchange for the "free" device, you are required to pay for programming of the government's choosing by way of a fee. All in the name of preserving a voice that will be critical of, um government? Huxley meets Tim Pawlenty, I love it.

Rethink the first amendment... For crying out loud. Go live in Iran. Plenty of government-controlled media there.


Hope and change tally for 2009. One Senator appointed by a sleazy governor who tried to sell Obama's Senate seat. One treasury secretary who cheated on his taxes. Oh, and Obama tried to slip flea-bag Bill Richardson past us (I'm still confused by that one). I'm sorry, didn't the Democrats run their entire 2006 mid-term election campaign on opposing corruption?

I know, I know... Nobody believed them, but I'm still going to bludgeon them with it. It's a goose/gander thing.


From the "this is why I vote Republican, people" case files (ref #22576), apparently my summer cabin plans are off, thanks to the decision by Minnesota state legislature to more than triple land lease rates in national forest areas.

In this instance, the decision will essentially force cabin owners in one of Minnesota's poorest Indian reservations to sell (or, more likely, foreclose upon) their properties. Generally, this will mean fewer lease payments, which will presumably mean less money to keep up our expensive (and underwhelming) system of state parks.


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