Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Smart Move...

By the environuts to change their buzzword "global warming" to "climate change". The latter term may have little going for it by way of scientific merit, but the former term would have no credibility to this Minnesotan on a day like today.

Speaking of the environment (by way of public transportation, which is the reason liberals are environmental in the first place), I drove my wife to work today. See, when the gas prices spiked, everyone started using the bus.

Thinking long term, Metro Transit decided to jack up their fares and use the proceeds to add more routes. Of course, gas prices went down, so mitigating against the economic inmperative to ride the bus. Now, downtown is full of empty buses nobody wants to pay $6 (roundtrip) to ride.

Mother nature hired dumbasses to handle her affairs.


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