Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Musings: Evening Edition

The hour is late, but the musings are valid. Read on, young soldiers...

So, our president made a retard joke last week. If a pastor-in-chief falls, and no emergent is there to hear it, does it make a controversy?

I am not offended by the fact that Obama made the joke. Face it, everyone reading this has had a laugh at the expense of the Special Olympics. In fact, I would argue that the joke was, by far, the most interesting thing Barack has said in public.

And, really, nobody can fault Obama for disrespecting the mentally handicapped. He's hired this inspiring fellow to be his press secretary.


None of my moderate friends tell me I'm wrong about Obama any more. Just sayin'.


TPWK regular Matt Watson (and editor of, which you should all check out) has been begging for more restaurant reviews, so here we go.

Had a chance to hit up Cafe Bon Xai in St. Paul, off Snelling and 94, by the Fantasy Gifts store (not that I'm a regular). The men greatly enjoyed their meat offerings (a brandy chicken dish and curried mahi-mahi), and both are an excellent value at under $15. The women were placated by a competent, but uninspired, pad thai dish, but if you are in the mood for an excellent Thai fusion joint, Cafe Bon Xai will give you bang for your dollar.


On the topic of bang/dollar ratios, Blockbuster online is performing poorly. Since we have joined, the offerings have become as expensive as they are sparse. I had always assumed the rental giant would knock Netflix out of the market, by virtue of its ability to trade in rental movies at their brick and mortar stores.

Alas, and unbeknownst to subscribers who do not read the monthly fine print, Blockbuster has essentially rendered null the in-store trade program by refusing to ship the mail-order DVD until the store hard copy is returned. Way to squander your only advantage in a down economy.

Combine this with the fact that Netflix has aggressively cornered the online download market (their subscription comes with instant access to unlimited downloads of 12,000 movies), and it would appear rumors of Blockbusters' demise are well founded. Frankly, that's hard to do, even for a company that has made a practice of kicking it's customers in the nuts for 20 years.

Good riddance, Blockbuster. Take your stupid hamster and 24 trillion copies of Hancock with you.


That's all you get, folks.


Anonymous Thom said...

I don't really tell eople they are wrong about Obama...I still just have a sneaking suspicion things would be worse under John McCain right now. After Bush's press secretarys, the new guy seems like an improvement. Oh, how low the standards have fallen.

6:40 AM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

Your suspicions can sneak all they like, but this presidency has been a disaster.

9:39 AM  
OpenID christineone said...

Count us among the duped blockbuster subscribers.

The instant we realized, we decided to switch to Netflix. I'm certain this will happen to many of their other subscribers, since the "watch an in-store rental while you wait for your next dvd gets sent to you" was their only real competitive advantage. Bad bad bad idea.

10:54 AM  
Blogger Ted said...

I just wanted to bring up the idea of Kevin's Top Ten Restaurant Lists being a link on you blog. Maybe a general top 10 then a few by categories such as Asian, bar and grill, dive and so on.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Memphis Evans said...

I second the motion that you put up a permanent link to top ten restaurants.

On a related note, I thought I was being so cool when I surprised Bride by taking her to a hip, new restaurant I had read about on your blog, not thinking about the fact she had eaten lunch with you four days prior. As we exited 394 and turned left on Washington she said, " it Be'Wiched?" We laughed. But she said it was good enough to go twice in a week. The Reuben Salad (Atkins, you know) was amazing.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Matt W. said...

I'm always in the market for competent pad thai -- next time I'm in St. Paul, Cafe Bon Xai it is!

9:56 PM  
Blogger Luke said...


Can you comment on the Travel Channel's Man VS Food visit to the Twin Cities? He went to Matt's Bar and the 5:8 Club to compare the two versions of the "Jucy Lucy." Then he went to Brasa in Northeast Minneapolis where he tried a variety of Creole foods and a local baby pig. His last stop was at Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit where he attempted the meterbratwurst challenge.

2:38 AM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

It's ironic, since Brasa's portions are pretty small, generally. I regard it as an opportunity to experience great sourcing on the cheap.

8:37 AM  

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