Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Musings - Final Four Edition

Go Sparty! Let's muse.


So, the federal government fired the CEO of GM. I am entirely comfortable with this decision, and will simply assume that there will be no potential repercussions down the road. And I vote!


One of my pet peeves? People who take something you intended humorously and pretend you were serious. I made the mistake of getting involved in a political discussion at the Village Voice, whose readership is nominally less daffy than that of Dailykos. Predictably inane results ensued.

Some fellow, who has dubbed himself "realist", made sport of my blog, thusly:

"The problem with Kevin is he's a fucking idiot. Seriously - top ten super powers? What are you, fourteen?"

I would like to meet the 14 year old who lists "my father" as his number one superpower. That's one macabre kid.


Don't ask why I bother. Just don't ask. I have an eternal optimism that humans are capable of reason. I've been proven wrong, and will be again. I should get a cat.


Three new restaurant reviews comin' your way in 2... 1.... (you see what I did there people? It's like a countdown. Blast off! I mean that seriously... Literally, I am hoping you will envision a rocket ship).

Finally had a chance to hit up the 112 Eatery. I can't add much that hasn't already been said, other than to note that it is easily the cheapest of the top-tier restaurants in the cities. The gnocchi is absurdly good, and you can pair it with a sandwich and wine for a hair over $20. On food alone, only Heidi's comes to mind as a clearly superior experience. Go for it, but make sure you get a reservation.


If you are in the market for affordable barbeque, and happen to live on the North side, Brickhouse BBQ is at your service. $15 gets you more ribs than you can probably finish, and smaller platters barely clear double digits. The pork ribs balance crispy and tender nicely, though I might've asked for more smoke. At worst, you've supported one of a half dozen or so restaurants left on the North Side.

Side note: The owner's wife is from Ecuador, and they apparently throw ceviche on the menu every now and then. If you go, ask about it, if only for my own selfish reasons.


Lastly, I cannot recommend Mort's Deli in Golden Valley. Their gig is that they replicate an ostensibly authentic NY Deli experience. If New York Deli's are overpriced, lack innovation, and serve bland food (and it might well be the case), Mort's has got it down. But I'm needing more for my $13.50 for soup and half a sandwich. To me, Mort's is more Granite City than New York City.

On a positive note, the free pickles (?) are great, and they have diet root beer on tap.


As I am flush with cash, I have made the decision to purchase a laptop. After several attempts to give my money to Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, which ended when I accidentally received an invoice for $102,000, I turned my attention to Best Buy. Predictably inane results ensued. Now I am hoping that Dell will provide me with a computer in exchange for compensation. Seriously, what has this country come to when you can't even BUY something?


Blogger Ted said...

I read some of the stuff on the Village Voice. When "realist" stated that he would rather hope to win the lottery than wish for KittenStare because the lottery was at least possible it made me laugh. Humor is lost on him.

10:09 AM  
Blogger John Mulholland said...

We have a similar "New York" style-deli here in Cedar Rapids called, "New York NY Fresh Deli". I have eaten there once, and your description of Mort's is dead-on.

9:51 AM  

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