Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Musings

The day is thick with ennui. Let's muse.

Hey, it isn't just the city of Minneapolis doing their able best to kick homeowners in the teeth. The state legislature is getting into the act. The Minnesota House passed a bill that would eliminate the tax deduction for mortgage interest. Nothing like a tax hike that specifically targets first time homebuyers to stimulate the housing market, eh Democrats?

Let's see, add this to Rybak's new property taxes, new sidewalk inspections, and city voters' egregious decision to dump $60 million into the Minneapolis educational abyss, and it will cost me an extra $200 per month for the simple privilege of living here. This is why I vote Republican, people.


State Sen. Steve Murphy offered this flimsy defense of a similar bill advanced by the Senate. "This is a tough vote for everyone. Let's just make it happen."

I've seen quite a bit of this attitude among liberals, both privately and publicly. Instead of defending policies on the merits, they simply default to defending it's inevitability. We saw this with Pelosi and her "we got elected, we wrote the bill" statement.

Part of this stems from the natural inclination among those who consider themselves to represent a collective to simply ignore dissent. I get that. It's a bit fascistic, but I get it.

But part of it stems from being out of power for so long. For the last eight years, if you challenged a Democrat on, say, wasteful spending in education, they could simply respond by saying "Bush tortured black orphans in New Orleans by sending them to Hurricane Iraq."


Nice effort, Pistons... Ugh...


Switching gears, let's talk food. I wish I had visited Gandhi Mahal (on Lake, just East of Hiawatha) prior to handing out my yearly awards. It's recognition by the City Pages as best Indian Restaurant was well earned. I particularly recommend the tikka masala and the yellow dal soup. Between Gandhi Mahal and Great India in Brooklyn Center, good Indian food should never be more than ten minutes away for Minneapolis residents who can still afford to dine after the tax hikes.


A more mixed review for Sen Yei Sen Lek, on Central in Minneapolis. My party mostly stuck to the basics (noodle dishes and tom yum), which were average. As per usual in Minneapolis, the place just gets Thai soup wrong. I did enjoy my papaya salad (I am fast becoming an expert on papaya salad; the next step on the road to unemployability), and there were quite a few options off the beaten path, but the path itself was unspectacular.



Blogger Ted said...

The Minnesota State Legislature stood up and said with a clear voice, Take your business elsewhere. Oh yeah, and don't live here.

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