Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party!

CNNs coverage of yesterday's Tea Party in Chicago has been spun about, as Sue Roesgen did this piece of, erm, objective news reporting.

Some ruminations.

1) Roesgen needs to ditch the hair highlight. She looks like the spawn of Nancy Pelosi and the lead Gremlin.

2) Roesgen makes a big deal out of the fact that people are holding signs? It's a protest. What did she expect? Well, teabags, maybe. She also seems bugged out by the fact that this was organized on the Internet. I have no explanation for why that would be, other than the fact that, with all available options the Internet provides, few would choose to look at Roesgen's ugly mug.

3) We live in a bizarre country. Our press treats Islamic protests against cartoons with kid gloves, but goes after men holding babies who oppose centralized government like action cats.

4) Why is the woman at the end able to keep her composure, while Roesgen is not? The reporter is acting like she just got airlifted into an Afghani battlefield while everyone else is just milling about. The guy she interviews raises his voice, but he just seems.

What should Roesgen have done instead, I mean, were she a real reporter? First, find out if there is any literal dumping of tea. Second, identify an organizer to discuss how this was put together. Third, report on the attendance. Then, if there is time, flesh it out with some live interviews, with an eye toward getting the most compelling interviews, rather than the ones that reinforce your own imaginary narratives.

To the organizers of the event, congratulations. Any time a conservative voice can lead the news cycle with something other than their pant suit, that's a good thing. To Sue Roesgen, I have a sneaking suspicion that this is your ceiling. Enjoy your career.


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