Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monday Musings - Drought Edition

How's the weather? It's dry, that's how's the weather. Let's muse.

Who killed Dr. George Tiller, the controversial abortionist who was shot in his church over the weekend? Why, Glenn Beck of course.

Killing someone for providing a legal service is unhinged and evil. Labeling someone a murderer for providing constitutionally protected speech, no less so... And no less terrifying.

Don't believe me? Read the comments section. If one of those people walked into your church, wouldn't you be attempted to step outside for air?


Candidates in my district are taking aim at Barb Johnson's city council seat. All of them are pointing out the fact that Barb Johnson essentially retains her seat on account of her legacy.

This is indisputable, but insufficient to compel me to entertain the notion of voting for you. Neither is a nebulous call to increase representation.

How about taking an example of Johnson's poor leadership, and explain how your philosophy would lead you to a different conclusion? Of course, this will require you to know stuff, and have a philosophy. So, um, nevermind.


Caught Pixar's latest this weekend, and thought I'd run some analysis.

Number of poop jokes in Up: One (and it was funny)
Number of poop jokes in the previews for Up: More than 12 (none of them funny)

That about sums it up.


Finally got to The 50's Grill in Brooklyn Center on Friday night. I was suspicious, on account of the place is named after a genre, and an underwhelming genre at that. The food is nothing I would cross town for, but having grass-fed bison burgers on the menu is a nice touch, and the food is fine.

It sure beats its neighbor, the IHOP from hell.


Also, Victory 44 has a liquor license now, so go.


What? No RSVPs for my Tango and Case anniversary party? Hey, more Pabst for me. And to think, my wife went through all that work photo-shopping funny hats onto Kurt Russell for the invitations. That was $700 well spent.


I argues today that cats are, in fact, dumb, and that their abject ignorance is the source of their reputation as aloof and austere creatures. This was surprisingly well received. I will immediately dedicate my life to debunking myths as it relates to cat-intelligence. Now I have purpose.


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